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Step-by-Step Process of Filing a TPD Claim in Queensland

Preparing a claim is both complex and emotionally challenging. That's why we are creating this comprehensive guide to assist you at every step while living in Queensland.

Follow These 7 Steps To Make Your TPD Claim:

These steps will guide you through the process of obtaining your TPD Claim. At times, your lawyer needs specific documents and more information. They will let you know when it's necessary. Reach out, and they will discuss your options in Queensland.


  1. Contacting TPD Claim Lawyers:

Understanding your situation takes precedence. They are there to discuss your claim options. Get ready for the conversation by collecting the following:

  • Contact details for your last employer
  • Any relevant Medical Records
  • Information about your illness or injury
  • Details about when you stopped working
  • Financial documentation related to your claim

Once they have your information, it moves to the claims team. They will contact you!

Get your application ready:

Provide essential claim information.

You'll receive claim requirements and forms via post or email. If they're emailed, print them out.

TPD claim lawyers aim to assess your claim quickly. To expedite the process, provide all the necessary details.

  • Organize your paperwork with this checklist:
  • Fill out a claim form.
  • Share proof of your Age and Identification.
  • Provide any extra documents the insurer asks for.
  • For necessary information, sign a form granting access (like medical records).
  • Doctors should provide supporting evidence, test results, and medical reports before filling out a form about your condition.

Submit Your Application:

Tackling paperwork might feel tiring, but getting your claim assessed is crucial, although tackling paperwork is tiring. It will save you time if you claim your access.

Submitting all required information simultaneously will save you time, which is one of our suggestions. This avoids the need to reconsider everything and helps prevent delays in processing your claim.

Here’s your action plan:

  • Collect all documents in our letter, like proof of age and identification.
  • Fill out and sign any needed forms.
  • You should fully complete and sign your doctor's form.
  • When everything's ready, scan, email, or post your completed forms to the claims team.
  • Add any extra information or documents mentioned in the claim requirements for a complete submission. 

Assessment of Your Claim:

The insurer is now evaluating your claim.

Once your lawyer has the requested documents, they'll send your claim to the insurer. The insurer will assess it swiftly and call you for additional information.

This may involve contacting you, your doctors, or your previous employer. The insurer will keep you informed about your claim.

Sometimes, the claim assessment may require reviewing the information or providing additional evidence. The insurer is your contact throughout the assessment. You can also call your Lawyers if you are facing any problems. 

Reviewing Your Claim after the Insurer's Decision:

Your claim is currently under assessment.

The insurer is assessing your claim using the information you gave and the TPD definition in the policy.

The insurer will notify Cbus Super of their decision to accept, defer, or decline your claim.

Naturally, waiting for a claim decision can be an anxious time. If you have questions or want to discuss your claim, please get in touch with the insurer for assistance. 

Final Notification of Claim Decision:

They will notify you of your claim decision.

The insurer checks if the claim is fair and follows the policy, trust deeds, and super laws after making a decision.

The lawyer's team will send you a letter after the review. The letter will contain the review result and information about what happens next. You can send the letter either by mail or email. The letter's information will determine whether we approve, postpone, or reject your claim.

If denied, you might qualify for a permanent incapacity payment, and your lawyers will inform you of your options. To contest the outcome, you can request a review.

TPD Claims Lawyers are there to address concerns and discuss the next steps with you. Here's what each decision means:

  • Accept: The approved insurance payment enters your super account.
  • Defer: The insurer delays assessing the full extent of your disability, considering potential improvement. They'll reevaluate later.
  • Decline: If lawyers agree with the insurer's decision, they will send you a letter (post or email) explaining why.


  1. Final Step: Receiving Your Payouts:

The insurance payment enters your super account if the insurer approves your claim and your lawyers agree. They will contact you to confirm and ask how you want to pay, maybe needing more proof of who you are.

When approved, you have four choices for the insurance payment:

  • Deposit the total amount into your bank account.
  • Receive the total amount by check.
  • Keep some or all of the payments in your Cbus Super account.
  • Transfer some or all of the payment to another approved super fund.

You can pick how to pay, but it's smart to get advice on the best choice for your situation. Depending on your age, you might need an additional medical certificate to reduce tax when we release the payment.

Once TPD claims lawyers approve your claim, they will inform you if this is needed.


Is It Possible to Go Back to Work After Receiving a TPD Payout?

The option to return to work after a TPD payout depends on your policy's terms and the severity of your disability. Review your policy, seek advice, and consider your health and finances before deciding.

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