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5 Modern car garage designs

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Technology is changing rapidly, and this has changed every aspect of our lives. Modern technology has touched every aspect of our lives, including construction. People used to build structures such as garages fifty to a hundred years ago are not the same as we do today. This reality has forced many people to predict the future of construction and how vital structures like garages will be. Futuristic garages are becoming a norm, and many people and businesses embrace the idea, which has seen the development of futuristic designs that give an idea of what people can expect.

Although we tend to be focused on futuristic cars, we must understand that such automobiles will need futuristic garages. Ordinary garages will not be equal to the challenges that futuristic cars will present hence the need for innovation. You can trust us at Fair Dinkum Builds to deliver your dream garage. This article looks at the futuristic designs of a car garage that are worth knowing.

Top five futuristic car garage designs that you must know

Many people are already working on the future in one way or another. In the construction industry, many architects are developing futuristic designs that would be used in building in the future. Here are the top five futuristic car garage designs that you must know:

1. Autostadt Car Towers

This futuristic design is already in use, and as the name suggests, it is more than just a garage. It is a parking tower created by the German car manufacturer Volkswagen to park its vehicles on display for sale. The tower has numerous floors, and its sides are made of translucent glass, allowing one to view vehicles through them. The Autostadt comprises two towers that are 200 feet tall. Buyers who wish to view the vehicles use an elevator made of glass, allowing for easier viewing. If you intend to construct a car tower, you will not need to install garage doors as you will be navigating with the help of an elevator. What makes this design futuristic is because it focuses on exploiting the vertical space rather than the horizontal space. As horizontal space becomes limited, especially in big cities, many organizations will be considering car towers hence making it a futuristic design.

2. Robotic Parking Garage

Robots are considered a futuristic technology as more manufacturers integrate artificial intelligence into these gadgets. Although many robots are still in use in different industries, future car garages will feature robots helping you park your car. As the names suggest, robotic parking garages will not need human input as the robots will work for us. There is already a robotic parking garage in use, although people are yet to embrace this idea. Such types of garages will help ensure maximum utilization of parking space and help automate automobile garages.

3. Takuya Tsuchida

This futuristic garage design is found in Japan, and it is named after the person who constructed it. Tsuchida, an architect, wanted to maximize the available space and construct a home with parking space for all family members. He designed and constructed a single-family home and a car garage that would accommodate nine cars simultaneously. What makes this garage futuristic is the architect's decision to create all the parking underground. It also features a built-in parking spot lift that allows one to showcase any car they want. The architect also installed a unique garage door, and we can expect more future underground designs.

4. Eureka car park

This unique car garage is found in Australia. It is not your ordinary garage as it combines a museum. Users of the parking garage can experience a museum atmosphere as there is numerous art on display. The designers were very creative, and they utilized giant letters to cover the walls, floors, and ceilings to give you a unique atmosphere. This designs are unique and futuristic as we can expect future garages to be integrated with other working spaces to ensure maximum utilization of the rapidly diminishing space.

5. Ikea Garage

This garage is owned by Jack Olson, an American who wanted to make his garage unique. Unlike your conventional car garage that features your automobiles and maybe a few items you no longer use, Jack went an extra mile to make his unique. He invested significant money in purchasing furniture from the Ikea store and installed them in the garage. The result of his efforts was amazing as he created a simple but yet beautiful garage. The garage door opener, the doors, and the furniture make Ikea garage stand out from the rest. As people continue to experience diminishing space, maybe the future garages will also be used as living spaces or entertainment studios.


The futuristic designs of a car garage will focus on energy efficiency, ensuring maximum space utilization, and using them as pieces of beauty. Whatever aim that drives you, the time to focus on your futuristic car garage is now. Although constructing a futuristic garage could cost thousands or millions of dollars, you can always find a way to construct one that best fits your needs. It would be best if you considered making even the minor changes such as making your current car garage energy-efficient and automating it. As artificial intelligence becomes part of our lives, we can expect futuristic car garage designs to consider these new technologies. The idea of integrating futuristic designs into architecture is not new, and this should not be an exception for garage doors.

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