Sheet Piling: Differences Between Steel & Vinyl Examined

Sheet piles are construction materials that provide solidity and strength to construction projects and are deployed by specialist sheet piling contractors. Many innovative and eye-catching structures are now being built in regions where construction should be very impossible. Because sheet piles are used in some structures, such as bridges, dams, floodwalls, and more, they can be built quickly.

It is important to remember, however, that sheet piles come in a variety of styles and shapes. The variations are due to the various sheet piling materials. Each sheet pile design is chosen based on the characteristics of the material utilised. Steel sheet piling and vinyl/PVC sheet piles are the two most common forms of sheet piles. The differences and similarities between these two sheet piles, as well as how and where they are employed, are discussed in this article.

Steel and vinyl sheet piles have some similarities

The only difference is that both can be fitted in a "U" or "Zigzag" pattern: When we examine the design of all sheet piles offered by sheet piling service providers, we can see that they are all designed to be installed and attached using jointing. The type of jointing used is determined by the structure being built or the design of the structure. As a result, steel and vinyl sheet piling for construction can be erected and joined in any shape. They provide a versatile installation design in general.

Steel vs. Vinyl Sheet Piling: What's the Difference?

The following are some of the distinctions between steel and vinyl sheet piling:

  1. The materials that were used to make them. Steel sheet piles are constructed of durable steel, whereas vinyl sheet piling are made of a special sort of plastic that contains chlorine from common salt and ethylene from crude oil.

  2. Steel sheet piles outperform vinyl sheet piles in terms of resilience. They can be utilised in hard soils and load-bearing structures since they are constructed of strong steel, which has high tensile strength and holding power. Their tensile strength makes installation simple, and their design stays unaffected. Vinyl sheet piles, on the other hand, lack the tensile strength and holding power of steel sheet piling, hence they should not be used in hard soils or for load-bearing buildings. They perform best on loose soils.

  3. Vinyl Steel sheet piles are more difficult to instal than sheet piling. When we talked about the similarities between the two earlier, we mentioned that they both enable flexible installation because they may be joined to form any shape. Vinyl, on the other hand, is constructed of a flexible material that can be bent into any shape without hurting its productivity once attached. Steel sheets, on the other hand, cannot.

  4. Vinyl sheet piling are more lightweight and portable than steel sheet piles. Steel sheet piles are significantly heavier than vinyl sheet piles.

  5. Vinyl sheet piling last longer. This is due to the fact that they are less influenced by natural factors, making them more suited for marine constructions. Steel sheet piles rust, so they must be coated to keep them from corroding.

Choosing the Right Sheet Piling Type

These are some helpful hints for selecting sheet piles:

  1. Consider the structure that is being built.

  2. Consider the structure of the soil.

  3. Consider the weight that will be placed on the sheet piles.


The information provided above will help you understand the differences between steel and vinyl sheet piles, as well as provide you some recommendations.

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