A sexual radical at 17 and 70, Gwen Harwood’s frank erotic poetry reflected an ardent life

The poetry of Gwen Harwood was strikingly unconventional, yet for most of her career, she was not considered especially radical. This was partly because she tended to use tradition...

What position should I sleep in, and is there a ‘right’ way to sleep?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels, CC BYAfter 50 years of research, eminent Stanford University sleep researcher William Dement reportedly said the only solid explanation he knows ...

10 practical insights from psychology to help teens get through

Getty ImagesExam season is fast approaching for many senior students in New Zealand and Australia. At the best of times, adolescents may struggle with ambition and drive, let alone...

Anti-corruption commission would hold public hearings 'in exceptional circumstances'

The Albanese government’s proposed National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) would have a broad scope but only hold public hearings “in exceptional circumstances and w...

About 200 dead whales have been towed out to sea off Tasmania – and what happens next is a true marvel of nature

Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania Australians watched in horror last week as 230 pilot whales became stranded at a beach near Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania&r...

What is a Heat Pump Hot Water System?

Companies have been actively working to protect the environment by developing green technology during the last few decades. Heat pump hot water systems are an example of such e...

A disabled NDIA chair is a great first move in the NDIS reset. Here's what should happen next

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has a new chair and for the first time it is a disabled person – former paralympian Kurt Fearnley. His appointment, along with...


Local congestion busting projects funded in Brisbane’s North

Parents will be able to get home to their families sooner and tradies will spend less time in traffic jams following an $80 million injection for local congestion busting projects across Brisbane’s ...

Media Release - avatar Media Release

Littleproud on Labor's rural workforce policy

Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud has savaged a plan to cut working holiday visas from two years to one whilst Australian farmers battle a farm labour shortage. “There aren’t enough wi...

David Littleproud MP - avatar David Littleproud MP

Prime Minister - Relief on the way for Cairns Hospital

The Morrison Government is acting to take the pressure off Cairns Hospital’s waiting lists and clinical services with a $60 million investment in Stage 1 of the Cairns University Hospital. Prime ...

Scott Morrison - avatar Scott Morrison

MINISTER LITTLEPROUD : Statement regarding recent fish kills

The fish kills we’ve seen over the last few weeks are absolutely horrible. These terrible events are a result of a cool period which killed off blue green algae, which sucked the oxygen out of the...

David Littleproud MP - avatar David Littleproud MP


Your style, your design: 5 reasons to invest in custom doors

Custom doors are one of the ultimate ways to consolidate your home’s aesthetic. Not only this, they.

Top 7 Sports That You Need To Try

Have you been thinking about trying out a sport that you are not that familiar with? If that is the c.

7 Benefits of Cooking with a Carbon Steel Wok

There is nothing better than cooking a tasty dish bursting with flavor in just a few minutes. Our fas.

5 Tips For A Small Business To Create A Safe Environment

Although a great idea, a complete plan, and strong strategies are the main factors to grow businesses.

The top of the game: the 4 pillars of getting seen by executive recruiters

You know it already: there is an art to being noticed by executive recruiters. Let’s take a look at.

4 gigantic Sydney warehouse sales

The secret to huge savings is shopping directly from the warehouses of Australia’s biggest wholesal.

Health & Wellness

Best Clinical Treatments for Broken Capillaries on Face

NewsServices.com - avatar NewsServices.com

It is upsetting and frightening to observe once-radiant skin suddenly turning crimson and then exhibiting veiny cracks. All of these symptoms are signs of broken capillaries, and when people detect ...

Why Are Men Often Reluctant to Get Skin Cancer Checks?

NewsServices.com - avatar NewsServices.com

Medical studies show that men are more likely than women to be diagnosed with skin cancer. Nearly 250,000 males are diagnosed with skin cancer or associated illnesses each year. Men's skin care prac...

What is Vascular Surgery?

NewsServices.com - avatar NewsServices.com

Most people's initial impression of vascular surgery is that it is a procedure used to make body parts like the hands and legs appear less veiny and more appealing. Although it is one advantage of...

Leadership in Healthcare: Everything You Need To Know

NewsServices.com - avatar NewsServices.com

The world as we know it today is constantly changing and evolving, and so is the healthcare industry. With new challenges and opportunities emerging more frequently, healthcare leaders must be pre...


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