Exploring the Mediterranean Coast: 5 Places Perfect for a Vacation

From brilliant sunshine and golden sand beaches to idyllic landscapes, wonderful cultural treasures, as well as some of the most well-known European landmarks, the Mediterranean is often thought to be one of the most beautiful and pleasant destinations to visit for a relaxing holiday. If you’re planning a trip to this stunning region as well, here are some of the top places in the Mediterranean ideal for any type of enjoyable vacation:

Barcelona, Spain

A city located on the Costa Brava in Spain, Barcelona is well-known around the world for its distinct and awe-inspiring architectural wonders designed by Antoni Gaudi. From the breathtaking church of Sagrada Familia to the colourful Parc Guell, including the stunning Casa Batllo and Casa Mila, the architecture in Barcelona is as impressive and memorable as it is unique to the city.

However, Barcelona has much more to offer than just quirky buildings. The medieval Barri Gotic quarter is home to the Picasso Museum, displaying thousands of his paintings, while a tour of the Camp Nou Stadium might excite avid football fans. A stroll down La Rambla will also take you through tapas bars, interesting street cafes, as well as the famous La Boqueria market, making Barcelona the perfect spot for any culture enthusiast.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik is a stunning spot you simply shouldn’t miss. Surrounded by fortified walls, the city is home to prime Renaissance architecture such as plazas, palaces, fountains, and towers scattered around the historic pedestrian area. Dubrovnik is a truly gorgeous destination, made even more desirable by being a top filming location for the popular TV series Game of Thrones, sets you could also visit on organised tours.

Apart from stunning architecture, Dubrovnik also offers three beautiful beaches, two of which are sand and one pebble. For a different point of view, the cable car ride up to Mount Srd will also provide some of the most incredible views in the Mediterranean.

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Possibly one of the best-kept secrets of the Mediterranean, the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the 70s, providing alluring sandy beaches surrounded by rugged mountainous terrain. The area hides a number of picturesque historic towns such as Kotor and Perast, offering stunning Mediterranean architecture, medieval churches and chapels, and plenty of charming cobblestone streets to explore.

The Bay of Kotor is also home to Porto Montenegro, an up-and-coming neighbourhood and marina focused on luxury and opulence. Here, you can find beautiful apartments designed for long term rent, allowing you to spend more time exploring the gorgeous coastlines and the wonderful natural surroundings. Or, you might simply wish to spend your time in Porto Montenegro, shopping in high-end boutiques, dining in upscale restaurants, and going yachting in the calm Montenegro seas.

Santorini, Greece

A member of the Cyclades group, Santorini is a small volcanic island in Greece that truly enchants with its beauty. The pristine white houses and blue roofs gracing the local villages offer a beautiful contrast to the nearly black rock they were built on. This unique terrain provides some of the most unique beaches, such as the Red Beach of Vlychada and the Black Beach of Perissa.

But picturesque scenery isn’t the only thing Santorini has to offer. The 9-kilometre route from Oia to Fira provides one of the best treks in the Mediterranean, while a tour around local wineries in Pyrgos and Megalochori can satisfy any palate. And possibly the best aspect of all is that no matter where you are on the island, Santorini always provides some of the most stunning, uninterrupted views of the sunset.

Corsica, France

As Corsica might not be among the top destinations in France, this large Mediterranean island isn’t quite as spoiled by tourism as the rest. Nearly entirely covered in national parks, Corsica offers dense pine forests and dramatic mountains filled with deep ravines and spiked peaks, truly being a nature lover’s dream.

But apart from incredible hiking opportunities down the breathtaking GR20 track, Corsica is also dotted with stunning sandy beaches along the coast, including the gorgeous Plage de Palombaggia truly made for indulgence and relaxation. The capital of Bonifacio offers plenty of character as well with its charming old quarter and citadel, white the fortress town of Ajaccio provides a mesmerising cathedral with iconic works by famous local artists.

From stunning natural surroundings to some of the most unique architecture in the world, the Mediterranean is truly filled with wonders. No matter which type of travel you enjoy, one of the incredible destinations mentioned above will surely make for a perfect vacation.

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