Caring for your Electric Scooter


Owning an electric scooter bears some basic responsibility. To get the most out of your e-scooter, and ensure it performs well, you need to give it care. If you noticed something that seemed a bit off while riding your mearth electric scooter, don't ignore it. 

Give it your personal attention so things don't get unwieldy. Electric scooters are not hard to maintain actually. Here are easy-to-remember, practical maintenance tips you can do to help you keep your gear in tip-top shape and nip off potential performance efficiency problems later on.

Give it your personal attention so things don't get unwieldy. Electric scooters are not hard to maintain actually. Here are easy-to-remember, practical maintenance tips you can do to help you keep your gear in tip-top shape and nip off potential performance efficiency problems later on.


- Regularly charge your e-scooter

A side tip can help extend the life of your electric scooter battery. When not in use, put your battery/batteries in a place where the temperature is above zero (0) degrees.

What if you haven't used your scooter for some extended period? Just put it in a battery tender charger. (the battery will then be charged to full mode, but it is not going to be overcharged).

- Use only a charger that's certified original and make sure it is set up for your battery's voltage.

- Unplug the charger once the battery is fully charged.

- Don't charge your battery immediately after riding. Wait for the battery to cool down, then charge it.

- Don't let your battery run out or drain entirely. Should the battery get drained completely, let it cool down, then charge it immediately.

- Never let your e-scooter's battery stay uncharged for more than a few hours, as this can result in internal oxidation,  and will cause the battery life to shorten.

Cleaning your e-scooter

This is an indispensable part of your weekly maintenance routine. The simple reason is, that it will help lengthen the life of your e-scooter and also check for minor or not-so-noticeable defects earlier so you can react promptly. 

    - Clean your electric scooter at least once a week. The longer you delay or are inconsistent about doing so, the scooter will get too dirty, and it will take you longer to clean it.

- Always have your manual ready for specific cleaning instructions.

- Turn off your e-scooter before you start cleaning it.

- If the battery is still hot, let it cool down first. If your battery is removable, remove it and clean it with a dry cloth.

- Carefully remove any large fragments that may be stuck between the in holes of the e-scooter.

- Start by gently cleaning the screen in front of your e-scooter with a dry microfiber cloth.

- Clean the small parts - cables, screws, springs, and calipers using a toothbrush to get the dirt off faster.

- Using soapy water,  scrub off the aluminum and stainless steel parts with a clean, soft sponge or a dishcloth.

- Remove grease, hard stains, and stubborn dirt using a toothbrush with toothpaste on it, scrubbing repeatedly in one direction only.

- Clean the wheels with a larger, hard cloth, using soapy water. A hard wheel brush will do if you have one.

- Rinse completely any water leftover using a dry cloth. Just be careful not to push it towards the battery.

- If you have a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, use it to dry off your scooter more quickly.

After you're done, it's worth seeing the beautiful glint of your 'babe' like new. Now, leave your scooter to dry off. Put it later in a cool, dry place that's not dusty. A clean, well-maintained e-scooter performs at optimum and gives you, its rider smooth riding pleasure.

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