Top 10 Ways to Unclog Your Drains

Clogged drains are smelly and messy and always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. If you face blocked drains in Melbourne, you do need to call a plumber every time. However, if you wish to clear the clog yourself, you can follow the DIY tips mentioned in the blog. With elbow grease and some household supplies, you can unclog your drains quickly and easily. Here are ten ways to do it.

Common Warning Signs of an Emergency Blocked Drain

Blocked drains could be a source of property damage and health hazards and may show some early warning signs of an emergency blocked drains in Melbourne:

Foul smell

The first sign of a clogged drain you may notice is an unusual smell. In most cases, it is a sewage-like smell, and you might wander into your bathroom or wonder if someone forgot to flush the toilet.


Another sign of a blocked drain is overflowing. People are used to everything flowing down their drain. Therefore, the sight of water spilling back up from the drain can be surprising for some. An overflowing drain is a sign of drain blockage that needs the immediate attention of an expert plumber.

Gurgling sounds

Another sign of a clogged drain is gurgling sounds indicating that the water is pooling and pushing against the pipe. If you experience such signs, it could imply a plumbing blockage that requires expert plumbing assistance.

Slow draining

When emptying your sink or while taking a shower, you might notice the water taking longer than expected to drain. Usually, the problem worsens, suggesting that the blockage is growing and needs plumbing attention.

What are the Top Causes of a Blocked Drain?

There could be numerous causes of a blocked drain, despite you using them appropriately, and occasionally everyday use elements may cause clogged drains. Some common causes of blocked drains are

Tree Roots

Roots of trees do not cause local drain blockages. However, they can disrupt your sewage system. They keep growing until it breaches the pipe and causes a blockage.


Although toiletries are essential, some of them can cause drain blockages. For instance, people should not flush nappies, baby wipes or sanitary products down the toilet, as they could cause drain blockage.

Mineral Buildup

When minerals such as calcium build up in your pipes, it causes constriction. The process may not cause a blockage but creates other blockages that are difficult to remove.


Although liquid soap may not cause drain blockages same cannot be said about solid soaps, as they can get lodged within pipes until they eventually break down. One way to avoid this is to use a mesh wire guard to cover plug holes.

Natural Debris

Natural debris (leaves and twigs, dirt or grit) can fall into your outdoor drains, especially when you do not use gutter guards, causing blocked drains.

How to Clear a Blocked Drain?

1. Boiling Water

Boiling water is an effective way of clearing stubborn drain clogs. You can put the water to a boil and pour it down the drain. Repeat the process, if necessary, to remove the clogs.

2. Baking Soda & Vinegar

This is another simple and effective method. Baking soda and vinegar are another simple and effective method to clear a clogged drain. You can mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar, pour it down the drain, and let it sit for an hour or two before flushing it with hot water. For better results, you can repeat the process.

3. Wire Hanger

If you have used boiling water and baking soda/vinegar to clear your clogged drain, and they did not work, you can try using a wire hanger to remove the clog. In this process, you can straighten out the hanger, use the hook end to grab onto the clog, pull it out carefully and dispose of it properly.

4. With a Plunger

is a great tool to dislodge clogs. One must use a plunger designed for sink plunging, as toilet plungers need to work better. In this process, you can cover the overflow hole with the plunger to plunge up and down vigorously to clear the clog.

5. A Snake Tool

One can use a snake tool, a long, flexible rod that one can insert into the drain to remove the clog. You can buy a snake tool at any hardware store or home centre or rent one from a plumbing supply store. However, you must be careful when using this tool to avoid causing damage to your pipes. If you require expert assistance to address the emergency blocked drain, you can contact your nearby emergency plumbers to fix it immediately.

6. Hydro Jet Cleaning

Professional plumbers use hydro jets that utilise intense and sharp bursts of water to remove debris and other substances from pipelines and to remove stubborn drain clogs. Sometimes they use this technique for other drain blockage removal processes, but hydro jet cleaning is a dependable way to remove the bulk of the problem.

7. Using Caustic Cleaners

Another method of cleaning drains is using caustic (Oven cleaners, drain openers, rust removers, etc.) that are more powerful against drain blockages. They dissolve grease, fat, and oils, making them ideal for stubborn blockages.

8. Using CCTV

While using a snake tool, one can use CCTV to identify where the clog is and how extensive it is. The process involves inserting a camera with the snake tool into the drain, similar to a drain snake. One can then assess the severity of the clog and plan to remove it.

9. Through Excavation

In case of severe drain blockages, the excavation process is crucial. It involves digging around the drain to repair or replace some pipework. The excavation process saves the rest of the pipework from extensive damage.

10. By Pipe Relining

Pipes damages due to prolonged blockage require pipe relining, an efficient and effective alternative to pipe replacement. Professional plumbers use flexible tools and resin to reline the pipe after removing the affected blockage.

Wrapping Up:

If you face blocked drains in Melbourne, you can use the above ways to unclog drains even without calling a professional Point Cook Plumber. However, if you are facing emergency plumbing issues, you can contact nearby emergency plumbers to fix your plumbing issues immediately!

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