Shipping containers: reasons why hiring is always a good option

Shipping containers have recently become one of the most versatile industrial structures. What was once used for just, well, shipping, has stepped out as a vital commercial and residential building, with businesses and homeowners using them for everything from cool rooms to tiny homes!

And, if you’re considering enlisting one for your business, you might be having this typical concern: what if you don’t actually need it for that long? Many people don’t actually know this, but you can actually rent shipping containers for the length of time you need them.

What’s more, the rented units can come equipped with the capacity you need for cool room storage and more. There are many benefits to hiring freight boxes as opposed to buying them outright, and we are going to walk you through them below:

  1. You can utilise them for the time you actually need them

Many business owners don’t actually need a giant freight box on their hands 24/7, and this is why the best 40ft shipping container for hire is a much more viable option. For example, if you work in the events industry, and require portable cool room storage for the big occasion, you obviously don’t need that cool room lying around in some incongruous spot for the other 364 days when the event isn’t happening.

As such, this is the best option for business owners who only rent for a short period of time, ensuring that it is a dynamic choice that is highly accommodating the rest of the time when you don’t need the unit!

  1. It is a cost-effective option

Obviously, buying a brand new freight box when you don’t need one consistently is a serious waste of money. The last thing you need is to buy a unit that you don’t need consistently, only to be stuck with its ongoing running costs. As such, hiring is the best way to ensure you maximise your return on investment, as you will only have the pay for the time you actually have the unit.

What’s more, when renting the unit, you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs, as you will only be renting for the day or extended time period you actually need it. Cool room maintenance can be expensive, especially if you’re not actually finding real ongoing use for the unit. As such, renting is always a better option for one-off use, as we know you don’t want to be stuck with a large unit that requires constant maintenance despite not needing its services - what a nightmare!

  1. It can be delivered & picked up exactly when you need it

Shipping container rental providers make delivery and pick up super easy for business owners. They will happily bring the unit out to your location before providing a full installation service. Once the unit’s scope has exceeded its limit, the team will come back and disassemble the unit, ensuring you only have to focus on filling it when you need it and removing any remaining stock.

As you can see, these are three very good reasons as to why you would want to rent a freight box as opposed to buying one outright. It’s as simple as this: if you don’t need the unit for an extended period of time then there is simply no need to buy one. So, if you’ve been thinking about renting shipping container as opposed to buying one then you’re making the best decision!

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