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Choosing a marketing agency in Melbourne

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Earlier most businesses in Melbourne would focus on offline marketing methods using print, television and outdoor media for promoting their business, increasing sales and revenues. However, in the last decade, the amount of time people are spending online has increased to a great extent, so online marketing is very effective in increasing leads and orders for a wide range of businesses. Since most businesses do not have staff trained and experienced in digital marketing, they would like to outsource the online marketing to a competent marketing agency in Melbourne. Some tips for selecting a suitable marketing agency for promoting a business online are discussed below.

Services offered

One of the considerations while choosing the digital agency is the range of services which the agency is offering. Most internet users prefer search engines for finding new businesses. Hence businesses are willing to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to improve ranking in search engines. Since SEO will take a few months at least to get the desired results, these businesses would also like to use advertising to get new visitors immediately. Instead of hiring a different marketing agency, they would prefer a SEO agency which also offers other online marketing services

Many businesses are interested in using Google pay per click advertising, especially if they have a new website, to get visitors initially. Managing google adwords advertising is very time consuming and it can be expensive if mistakes are made. So most businesses which lack the resources are also outsourcing the advertising to the marketing agency managing SEO. Social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tik Tok is also very effective in getting new visitors, especially for consumer and business products, so the agency should also be able to manage marketing on social media for the business

Amazon is the top online marketplace, and it can generate a large number of sales for a business selling online. So businesses would prefer to hire an agency which can also sell on Amazon. There are many products and services which are mainly purchased by people of a specific ethnic group like the Chinese, so an agency which specializes in marketing on Baidu, Wechat and Tiktok will be preferred by some business. Since customers are checking reviews before selecting a particular business, reputation management services have become an integral part of marketing any business.


Another factor which should be considered while choosing the marketing agency is the reputation of the agency. While a new agency may offer a better price in some cases, often they may not be able to guarantee results. For SEO services it is very important to choose the right agency because if the wrong tactics are used, the ranking of the business could worsen. Hence it is always advisable to hire a well established marketing agency for generating leads and orders online after checking reviews of their existing customers. Though the agency may charge higher rates for the marketing services, the increase in the leads and orders generated will compensate for the increased expenses.

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