Top 5 Historic Sites in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is known for fast cars and incredible sports teams, but did you know there's so much more than this? The history of this area went back over two hundred years and was pivotal to helping travelers go further west.

These are the top five historic sites in Indianapolis and why they matter!

1- Scottish Rite Cathedral

If you're ever in downtown Indianapolis, you'll know this cathedral on sight. This 94-year-old cathedral stands tall and beautiful with bells that still function, a parquet-floored ballroom, and incredible woodwork. Every angle of this building looks like a piece of art, and it's one of the most popular things to buy postcards besides the Indy 500.

2- Indiana Historic National Road

The oldest strip of road in Indiana, the Historic National Road, was completed nearly two hundred years ago and helped push Americans west. Although the road doesn't look the same as it did in the 1930s, it's still a fantastic stop! Here you'll find a '50s-style diner, a drive-in theater, and countless cute shops and restaurants that make the area feel all the more charming.

3- Harrison Presidential Site

Although you won’t find this property when you’re looking at apartments for rent in Indianapolis, it's still worth a stop! Once the home of America's 23rd president, Benjamin Harrison, this three-story home is a great glimpse into the background, he came from.

Not only does this house walk you through his history, but it also still has the artifacts and many different items he held dear or collected during his travels. This property is mostly used as an event space and is a lot of fun to go through with a tour.

4- Murat Theater At Old National Center

This is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, made as ornately as possible to allow visitors to understand the importance of the building when it was a Shriners headquarters. Now, this building is a theater that hosts everything from conferences to broadway shows and gatherings.

This building is thought to be haunted since many say that they've heard doors slam shut and lights flicker. This is a beautiful building regardless, and definitely worth a visit.

5- World War Memorial

Although a war memorial is a big deal in any city, the World War Memorial in Indianapolis has a place of honor atop a hill for everyone to see. Multiple pieces of war paraphernalia explain Indiana's history and offer the chance to connect with the past, and everything people went through to bring us where we are today.

This memorial is one of the most-visited destinations in Indianapolis, especially around Veterans day. It's an important reminder of what we've moved past and how much further we have to go as a society.

Indianapolis Is Drenched in History

Although most people think of race cars and sports when they think of Indianapolis, there’s so much more to see. Consider stopping in and checking out some of these historical destinations next time you’re in town.

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Top 5 Historic Sites in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is known for fast cars and incredible sports teams, but did you know there's so much more than this? The history of this area went back over two hundred years and was pivotal to helpi...

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