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9 Reasons Shellharbour Is the Best City in Australia

Shellharbour is a gorgeous seaside town nesting between Kiama and Wollongong. The last thirty years saw Shellharbour evolve into a booming town. The sleeping village transformed into magnificent beaches, lovely beach houses, manicured gardens, and holiday parks.

Shellharbour is only two hours away from Sydney, down the Grand Pacific Drive. Most people visit the harbour from May to November to watch whales dominate during migration up and down the coast.

Besides the spectacular coastline, let's explore nine reasons Shellharbour is the best city in Australia.

  1. Magnificent Sandy Beaches

Shellharbour boasts fantastic beaches perfect for surfing, swimming, bodyboarding and other water sports. The south coast is close to the protected Bass Point Reserve, with nearby beach breaks.

  1. Surfing at Mystics and The Farm

The two most famous breaks are next to each other in a protected National Surfing Reserve called Killalea Reserve.

Minnamurra Beach or Mystics is on the south, while Killalea Beach or The Farm faces southeast on the northern end. Killalea is also perfect for barbecues and picnics, with picturesque coast views and lush rainforest.

You can watch the humpback whales as they migrate between May and November, the whale watching season.

  1. Numerous Exploration Spots

There's so much life beneath the blue waters and gorgeous sandy beaches. You'll love snorkelling and scuba diving in the Bushrangers Bay Aquatic Reserve.

The old Gravel Loader jetty is a hidden gem, hosting magnificent marine life in the natural habitat. The Bass Point Reserve is also home to a famous archaeological site dating back to 17,000 years before the existence of pyramids in Egypt.

  1. Potential Business Opportunities in the Tourism Sector

Shellharbour has various natural attractions that drive the tourism sector in the region. It extends along the shore of Lake Illawarra to the south, flanked by the Illawarra Escarpment.

This unspoilt coastline is home to nationally-recognised Mystics and The Farm surfing reserves. The Bass Point Reserve ranks among the best scuba diving spots in NSW, Lake Illawarra, and surrounding parklands.

It’s an ideal location to invest in various areas in the tourism sector.

  1. Affordable Healthcare

Shellharbour acquired funding from the government to address the health care needs of the residents. The $128 million will renovate the Shellharbour Hospital to include ambulance, rehabilitation services and mental healthcare facilities.

This redevelopment aims to relieve the Wollongong hospital by bringing similar and better services.

  1. Affordable Housing

The average house value in Shellharbour is more affordable than most areas in the region. The median house price is lower than in the Kiama and Wollongong areas.

With the current growth rate, there will be a high demand in the rental market in the next few years. Now is a great time to consider investing in Shellharbour.

  1. Nature Walks

Shellharbour boasts picturesque natural scenery from the rainforests to the gorgeous sandy beaches.

The Illawarra Escarpment is full of breathtaking nature trails where you can keep fit as you enjoy nature close to home.

  1. Investment Opportunities

The Stockland Shopping Mall in Shellharbour is the biggest shopping centre on the coast of New South Wales. This shopping destination diversifies business opportunities.

  1. Safety and Security

Shellharbour City Council strives to reduce crime and make the whole town safe and inclusive. They implement strategies such as community safety pop-up meetings and engagement between the Council, residents and NSW Police.

Programs such as the Good Neighbour Scheme promote positive relationships between the residents.


Shellharbour is evolving into one of the best tourist destinations along the coast of NSW. The natural appeal complements the booming economy in the region.

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities to explore and items to tick off your bucket list. The cherry on top is the dynamic business, investment and job opportunities in various sectors.

In Shellharbour, you can grow your career as you soak in the sunsets on the beach.

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9 Reasons Shellharbour Is the Best City in Australia

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Shellharbour is a gorgeous seaside town nesting between Kiama and Wollongong. The last thirty years saw Shellharbour evolve into a booming town. The sleeping village transformed into magnificent b...

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