9 Basic Skills that A Motion Designer Needs

What do Motion Designers do?

They make motion graphics that can be seen nearly everywhere: on TV, in movies, in advertisements, and so on. 

Whether you're a novice or an experienced motion designer, there are a number of talents that can help you advance as a professional and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Let’s find out what are nine of these important skills that will help you achieve career growth. 

1. Animation skills

As a motion designer, you should be able to use motion to bring 2D objects to life. To do this, you need to use animation.

Animation is more than just a few moving lines in Motion Design. You'll also need a firm grasp on animation fundamentals, such as how things should move in order to make a compelling piece.

You could have the most gorgeous design, but if it is poorly animated, you shouldn't expect much.

2. Graphic design skills

Motion Design practically animates graphical functions with animation. Graphic design skills are in high demand, and you may be required to not only relocate but also build virtual objects.

In fact, you can never predict the types of projects that you will get. Therefore, it's critical to know not only how to move but also how to create 2D objects.

3. Traditional Art skills

Knowledge of traditional art is very useful in the design process and can help you present your work to the audience in the best way.

In most Motion Design works, it is always easier to save your ideas on paper than to add them to a computer so that it is clear how well they work, in addition, drawing on paper will help speed up the process even more. 

4. 3D Design skills

3D elements have found their place in Motion Design, and they are increasingly being used.  You can find them in 3D logos, TV shows, advertisements and so on.

You should not limit yourself to 2D motion design; instead, broaden your understanding to 3D, which will provide you with additional options.

5. Understanding of typography

Typography is widely used in the formation of the movement. For example, a motion design can only use a type to convey a product, company, or service to the viewer.

In fact, typography is so vital that many professionals enroll in separate typography courses.

You have to master typography, because on the international market, the list of skills necessary for the work of a motion designer is indicated by Typography. 

The right font can take your Motion Design to a higher level.

6. Understanding of color theory

You will definitely use colors in your works. You have to think a lot about your color choice.

What do you want to show in this very part of the image: strength, agony, fear, love, grief,  reliability or another feeling.

These questions can determine the color scheme of your work. 

7. Creative thinking

As a motion designer, you're responsible for bringing a graphic element to life. It's also your responsibility to know how to display it in the best possible light.

You may be working with very little customer information and the idea may be unclear.

Here is where creative thinking comes into play, with the ability to turn a simple concept into a sophisticated and appealing piece of motion design.

8. Interpersonal communication

Although this skill is not considered a hard skill for a Motion Designer, it is still just as important.

Attractive motion design always starts with communication, it can be with a client or your creative team. 

A motion designer should be able to clearly express their ideas and concepts to clients or employers. As well as any concerns or changes they may have. 

Clients, as a rule, are not designers, so it depends on you whether your ideas will be conveyed to them in an understandable form or not.

9. Originality

It is easy to follow trends and use general images of a certain style. However, your work may be similar to the rest.

Think of your own style as your signature, every project you come across has the option to insert that signature.

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