6 Sleep Hygiene Tips of Good Sleepers

Are you in the category of eight hours a night sleepers? If you wish to learn about sleep hygiene and how to have the best sleep, get tips from good sleepers. They set their bedroom up for a night of successful sleep. You can control some things if you want a good sleep. For instance, you can avoid eating foods that keep you awake before your sleeping time, do stretches for better sleep, and you can de-stress as well. However, you may be overlooking one vital factor. The bedroom, as it is your sleeping environment. Below are sleep hygiene tips on how you can create restful sleep in your sleeping environment.  

  1. Minimal bedding 

As you revamp your bedroom to get better sleep, go through the Walmart mattress selection for quality and firm mattresses to sleep better. Also, if you sleep under a slew of heavy beddings, you will experience a restless night. The body sleeps better when it has cool down, and making yourself too warm, throws off your body’s ability to cool down with ease. Therefore, get light and comfortable bedding, and if you sweat a lot at night, go for moisture-wicking beddings. Alternatively, you can opt to sleep without pajamas as it is comfortable as well.          

  1. A pitch-black room 

How do you tell if your room is pitch black? Depending on what you have in your bedroom, even the tiniest source of light will not make your room pitch black. For instance, the blinking lights from your humidifier, air filter, air conditioner, or alarm clock create a source of light. Check out your sleep environment by turning off the lights. Look for any source of light from electronics you have. If any, it stops the room from staying pitch black. Tiny changes like unplugging before sleep, or turning the objects away from your bed, or covering with a heavy clothe over items like alarm clocks will be helpful if they do not face you to improve your sleep. 

  1. A clean floor 

How neat is your bedroom? Do you have work files all over the floor, messy clothes, and books piled on chairs? An unclean environment causes stress, and it affects how well you sleep. Good sleepers ensure their bedroom is opposite as everything is neat and comforting. Thus, create a minimalist room in design and also in how it appears. For this reason, clean up before bed if necessary, hang your clean clothes and keep off dirty ones. In this way, you stay calm when you lay down to sleep.

  1. Softly colored walls 

The walls in your bedroom can help you sleep or prevent you from sleeping. For instance, a red bedroom wall is a brightly colored room that is alarming and intense. Red can be your favorite color, but it is not an ideal colour for your sleeping space. Blue walls are better, and research suggests most people opt for them to promote the best sleep. Good sleepers go for blue or other short shades of yellow and green as they are calming too. 

  1. A no electronics rule

An hour to your bedtime, keep off all electronics to prime your bedroom for sleep. Most people are guilty of last-minute details of phone use. But to be a good sleeper, have a strict rule of no electronics in bed or an hour to bed. Binging or sending emails in bed will affect your sleep and steal your sleeping hours. Remember, these devices emit a blue light that keeps you alert. It blocks the flow of melatonin, delaying your sleep onset. Thus, keeping off any devices you use often is best if you want to sleep better. Looking at your screen is the worst thing to do in bed or before bed.  

  1. A thermostat set to 65

Quiet, dark, and cool are a rule good sleepers follow for good sleep. To achieve sleep success, 65 degrees Fahrenheit promotes deep, long, and restorative sleep. The hotter you are, you will likely have lighter and shorter sleep. You need a body temperature where neurons are not firing strongly, and for this to happen, the hypothalamus, the brain's temperature regulator, should be cool. 

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