5 Ways to Get Rid of Laziness and Become More Energetic

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Of course, sometimes the only thing we want to do is to relax, watch a movie on Netflix, or play at nationalcasino.com.au. But sometimes we start spending time on these activities not only when we have free time but even when we have to work because we feel lazy. Want to get rid of this feeling? These 5 tips will help you.

Working on Motivation

There are two ways to motivate yourself: independently and with the help of external means.

Self-motivation is possible through goal-setting. Think about what you want to achieve. Just do not reason from the position of "fashionable" and "everyone wants this." What achievements are of value to you personally? Understand that first.

Various inspirational videos, movies, workshops, etc. help to motivate from the outside.

Filling Life With Bright Colors

Routine can completely discourage desire to create and rejoice. To remedy the situation, fill your life with bright emotions, events, pleasant activities and hobbies.

As a rule, once a person begins to engage in some interesting activity for himself, the question of laziness resolves itself, inspiration and desire to act comes.


Useful Habits

Add new habits to your life. Do things you haven't done before, and get what you haven't had before! You've probably heard this phrase in motivational books. As trivial as it sounds, it really does work.

What we do every day makes a huge difference. One small action triggers a chain of other changes, and so little by little life begins to take on a new hue. Try it for yourself.

Make the new habit automatic. We don't think about whether or not we should brush our teeth today; we just go and do it.

As soon as the habit becomes a habit, we introduce a new, more complicated one. For example, making a healthy salad for lunch.

Next, there's more. Run 2 times a week, take a walk before going to bed, read 5 pages a day, etc.

A Three Minute Rule

Set yourself up to only work for 3 minutes. The brain will consider such activity an entirely manageable task, and the feeling of laziness will be dulled. Is there a mountain of dirty dishes? Set a timer and devote exactly 3 minutes to washing.

If the task requires more time, break it up into smaller pieces and do each piece with rest breaks. Active intervals can be increased to 5 or 10 minutes - it will all depend on the specific task. Work for 10 minutes - rest for 3 minutes. And so on until completion. And there will be excitement, and a couple of breaks will want to skip.

Synchronization With Biorhythms

You've heard of larks and owls, who have peak productivity at different times of the day. But in addition to chronotypes, there is also the concept of intellectual biorhythm. It is a time during which a person can focus his attention without being distracted or fatigued.

Keep track of how long you can stay in a brain rhythm. Try to reckon with this feature. As soon as activity begins to decline, take breaks.

Sometimes it happens that keeping your attention focused on one thing for a long time is not possible at all. This type of short-term concentration is typical mainly for teenagers with a clip mentality. In this case, do not force yourself with long and tedious work. It is better to divide it into small parts and approach its implementation in several stages.

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