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How to Fit Roller Blinds in a Corner: Simple Tips of Installation

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If you hired professionals to install the blinds in your house, you may not understand what they had to do to ensure you enjoy the luxury. Sometimes, the process of installing the blinds can be tough and hectic. Corner blinds, in particular, are the hardest to install and most customers have experienced a bit of difficulty at getting around it. With the modernization of homes, a lot of designs are coming up and people have to embrace them. So, are you in a fix and you want to know how to install those corner blinds? Read on to find out how.

When measuring, do it as you would do with a normal window. However, you will need to adjust a couple of measurements for aesthetic and privacy purposes. The measurements will also ensure the blinds will work smoothly and cannot interfere with each other.

  1. The Gap

Before installing those blinds, you must know that you will leave a gap where the two walls meet. However, the gap will mainly rely on the type of roller blinds you will be using. This is an important aspect that you must keep in mind. It is important that when buying blinds, keep the gap factor in mind. The style of blinds you choose will greatly determine the size of the gap you will leave at the corner.

  1. The Direction of the Gap

When putting the gap, you must consider the ideal direction. This will help you to cover the most important part of the room. If your window is facing the outside, it is better to cover the part facing the road to ensure you have total privacy. It means that the gap will be on the interior side such that people cannot peep in.

  1. Measuring the Recess Fit

When taking the recessed measurements, there are 3 things that you should do:

  • Measure the window frames from the sides. Measure the horizontal and vertical rails and the strips holding the glass together.

  • Compare the measurements you get with your blinds before installation. Read the information on the package or ask the salesperson if necessary.

  • Measure the total width of the corner window where you will install the blinds. They will help you when making your order for the closest fit.

It is crucial to know the actual width of the window for you to order the right size of blinds. With the right fit, you can neatly and comfortably tuck in the blinds. You can also use the bottom part of the window for displaying ornaments if you choose a recessed fit.


You have put some thought into your interior design and you wish to put blinds on your cornered window. Before you start, you must know how everything will work out. It is easy to install curtains, but installing roller blinds requires another level of expertise. It can be very difficult to get your head around installing blinds on cornered windows. This is even harder if you do not know the blind installation process. Be careful with the measurements and use the tricks provided above to complete your job. If you think you are stuck, think of hiring the experts. They have installed many blinds for customers who have encountered such difficulties. They have ample skills that save you from your problem.

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How to Fit Roller Blinds in a Corner: Simple Tips of Installation

If you hired professionals to install the blinds in your house, you may not understand what they had to do to ensure you enjoy the luxury. Sometimes, the process of installing the blinds can be to...

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