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OctaTrader: upcoming updates and the current focus

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach Newswire - 8 July 2024 - With its well-rounded functionality, OctaTrader aims to cover the entire traders' experience across four fundamental areas: payments, education, trading, and decision-making.

This all-in-one architecture allows the application to form a trading ecosystem designed for clients of various experience levels, trading styles, and asset preferences. As such, the platform continuously evolves, receiving updates with new enhancements and features at least twice a month.

OctaTrader: upcoming updates and the current focus

In the third quarter of 2024, the OctaTrader team will deploy Space, the analytics hub embedded into the application, for all regions and Octa clients. Bringing together analytics, education, and decision-making support within a single toolkit, Space will be an integral part of the OctaTrader's interface. Space takes data-driven, confident, and innovative decision-making to a new level, enabling traders to copy ideas and predictions from the curated news feed to the client's trading chart in a few clicks.

As a modern trading toolkit, Space uses machine learning algorithms to process historical data and offer analytical predictions. It provides detailed educational materials for those willing to dive deep into the intricacies of technical analysis and learn more about fundamental trading concepts and the workings of financial markets. After that, Octa's team of highly experienced expert traders thoroughly checks and reinforces the predictions. This combination of modern technology and human expertise facilitates decision validation. It allows less experienced traders to navigate financial markets more efficiently, spending less mental and nervous energy on the way.

The upcoming OctaTrader updates include adding analytical tools to the trading chart panel. This feature will allow traders not to draw patterns by hand and save their time by using presets from the feed instead and adding them to the chart layout. OctaTrader clients can place orders using ideas listed in the Space feed—or add the ideas that caught their eye to the chart for future analysis. Depending on the prediction featured in the selected Space post, the chart will display an arrow indicating the predicted price movement, visualising the idea and further streamlining the trading journey.

With its focus on continuous development and iterative research of the most popular traders' demands, OctaTrader evolves according to the best industry practices. The ever-expanding list of useful features and tools allows traders to efficiently validate their decisions and spend less time on research and analysis while receiving quality expert insights tailored to their needs and preferences.

To further enhance traders' opportunities, Octa has recently introduced the new leverage option of 1:1000, which is currently available to all clients. With this new option, the broker allows you to open larger positions with a smaller capital investment.
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is an international broker that has been providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers commission-free access to financial markets and a variety of services already utilised by clients from 180 countries with more than 42 million trading accounts. Octa's free educational webinars, articles, and analytical tools help clients reach their investment goals.

The company is involved in a comprehensive network of charitable and humanitarian initiatives, including the improvement of educational infrastructure and short-notice relief projects supporting local communities.

Since its foundation, Octa has won more than 70 awards, including the ‘Best Educational Broker 2023’ award from World Business Outlook and the ‘Best Global Broker Asia 2022’ award from International Business Magazine.

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