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During the past 18 months, the entire globe has been transformed due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and therefore we have had to alter how we have lived to combat the spread of the virus. One of the main ways in which we had to alter our lives is through lockdowns, which has ensured that many of us have had to work from home during this period, which has of course been a shock to the system, and so we thought we’d create a list of the working from home essentials.

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One of the main things in which you must look out for when working from home is that you are creating an area in your house for you to work from specifically, so that you can stay productive as possible. During this working from home period, it is far too easy to camp yourself on the sofa in front of the TV, or even in bed wearing a dressing gown, but ultimately these aren’t the locations in which you are going to be most productive so creating a home ‘office’ is the best bit of advice we can give you.

Furthermore, staying supported and comfortable when working is another important factor when it comes to working from home as if you aren’t supporting your back or other areas of the body, then you will find yourself in long-term pain. The best way to resolve this issue, is by purchasing an ergonomic chair which means that it can be adjusted in multiple different ways to support your back, neck and hands, a desk at the right level for you to be working at and ensuring that your screen is at a good level to be working at as well for your eyesight.

And finally, ensuring that you are staying well hydrated is another important factor for not just working from home, but just in everyday life. Hydration is proven to have a positive impact on the body, and so staying hydrated whilst working from home is certainly an essential and will continue to keep your productivity levels high during stressful times.

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