5 qualities of good business card

What makes your Business Card not to visit the land of Forgotten Business Cards?

A sound quality card is an answer that catches the potential client's first impression will win the day. Not only does a business card represent the company's brand, but it is often also the first exposure to the overall image of the business. Therefore, it must be effortlessly appealing to your target market. Check out Space Print for more business card printing options.

A standard business card should merely contain the following basic information: business logo, tagline, product or services, and contact information. They are also carried along with people at events, public gatherings, trade shows, or shopping malls and spread them through conversation with potential customers. Give out more than one card to an individual to create more referrals and are the source of very critical customers in the future.

Research adequately at your rival's market and be relatively different from them and create a tremendous stand-out impression. For example, in the modern world of business, marketers invent new digital ways of targeting customers using the internet. This digital method has some drawbacks over the manual business card as not all clients own smartphone devices for transferring contact information; hence the manual business card method remains irreplaceable.

A business card is more than just a card that should have a long-lasting impression on your recipients. Ensure most people who leave business events with business cards do not end up in dust bins; otherwise, keep your card clean, simple, and precise but eye-catching with a complete message of your business.

Types of a business card

  • Classic business cards that have a professional look, printed with a standard font that is bold

  • The profession-specific business whereby innovative companies like Coca-Cola tailor their business card resembles a soda bottle.

  • Sided business cards that are printed on either or both sides depending on the marketer's taste and preference

  • Social business cards use technologies such as Twitter and Facebook accounts printed on a business card.

  • The word format business card uses different formats of the card.

  • The trade business cards plastic cards are the most convenient type used and exchanged in social circles by a business.

Qualities of a sound business card that a business organization should consider

  1. A sound business card must have a unique element. For example, a folded business card adds a certain level of excitement and anticipation for what lies underneath. It is an extra element of surprise added that makes the business card unforgettable. Adding colors that have a universal appeal over others also bring some uniqueness. The corporate mascot also plays very well while being placed on the business card's front and center to reflect a catchy effect on the customers' eyes. Different shapes also give a business card a unique feature. Most cards are rectangular, and therefore you can design a circle, an oval prism, or a rectangular shape to stand out from the traditional way of doing things. Besides, you can also think of a 3D element in your card that looks close to the company's brand.

  1. A sound business card must be distinct and eye-catching. An organization can use a card printed using phosphorescent writings that glow during the night and daytime. These catchy effects admire potential customers. The logo must be shiny. Incorporate a foil into a symbol to sparkle and shine, which brings a memory. Also, you can ask a professional expert to convert a photograph into a digital hand-drawn illustration to stand out and produce more graphic ideas for your business card. Texture also conveys certain eye-catching information like a card designed like a diamond brings a sense of luxury.

  1. Accurate size also plays a very significant role in enticing potential customers. Standard widely acceptable size applies to your business card. Too big is inconvenient to take along, so the customer is likely to discard it in a trash bin. Again too small a card they will easily overlook and discard it. A card should be short, sweet, and simple that is taking a limited space and making an excellent long-lasting impression, not occupying all the area in a card. A folded card has the same size as a standard business card but takes twice the space for your design. The customer gets curiosity and attention to know what content is shrouded in the card.

  1. A sound business card should have professional-looking. A good way of doing this is by hiring a brand expert who is creative and in tune with the latest business trends. He will write a blog focused on your area of expertise, which will add professionalism to your brand. He can also create a LinkedIn profile for sharing company information with prospective clients. This professionalism markets the company's brand to the outside world and makes the business card acceptable and outstanding. The color that your brand expert uses speaks volumes. Silver, for example, brings a sense of luxuriousness as it is classy elegant. Blue also brings a sense of trustworthiness and honesty.

  1. A sound business card should have relevant Contact Information. The marketer should include a name to the card and be the most significant text on the card for easy remembrance with unique design and visual pictures.

Email address is also a piece of important contact information in social media that provides you with potential clients to reach you more passively. You can also add your contact information there. Read more, click here to read more interesting features.

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