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Top 5 Content Management Systems

  • Written by Michael Irving

Are you looking to build a website with no coding skills? You need to be mindful of the type of CMS to consider. Content management systems help the webmaster to design websites without having coding skills and knowledge. The good news is that there are several options for content management systems to consider. But deciding on the best CMS is a daunting experience. There is no need to freak. We have compiled a list of the best content management systems for you in this article. The information will help you make an informed decision. Let’s find out more:

Our Top Pick Content Management Systems


One of the most popular content management systems on the internet. The good news is that CMS software is the best platform for managing and publishing content on the web. The software platform is easy to use and customize website designs using plugins and premium themes. The CMS gives the webmaster the opportunity to design websites that suit their industry.

The most beautiful thing is that the platform has a healthy and vibrant community on the internet. Thus, you can seek assistance from Ipswich Wordpress experts or fellow webmasters from the forum in case of a problem. One of the most incredible features is the user-friendly interface. The user does not need to learn programming languages to start a website using the WordPress platform.

The CMS has a powerful editor that allows the formatting of the content without facing any challenges. The website owner needs to create a new post and publish it when the content is ready. That’s not all. The platform supports different plugins and themes. The purpose is to give the webmaster the simple task of designing a site that meets their preferences and tastes.

One of the most significant advantages is that the CMS support numerous authors. You can have many profiles of authors in the backend to help in publishing content. However, the webmaster needs to have a security and backup system when using WordPress as a content management system. These systems will help to spearhead the health and safety of the content.


Here is another excellent open source content management system. The performance of the platform has triggered the rising demand in the web development industry. One of the reasons behind an increase in acquiring some percentage of market share is the flexibility feature. The web developer can create and manage custom post layouts with ease. That’s not all. The webmaster has ultimate control over users and permissions.

The aim is to ensure the web developers meet all the tastes and preferences of the owner. Drupal is a great content management system that allows the webmaster to develop multilingual sites. It also fosters the customization of websites with a lot of data.

The CMS software comes with an in-built system that allows you to create new roles for authors and permissions to access specific areas. Handling this CMS is much easier since there is a vibrant community on the internet. The community helps webmasters to have discussions with others in case of an issue. Another exciting thing with the Drupal platform is that it comes with numerous modules.

These modules can be added to the website for search engine optimization purposes. The biggest shortcoming of dealing with this CMS software is the ability to change the website's outlook. This implies that a webmaster needs to have a little knowledge and skills for coding.


Joomla is yet another exciting and free open source content management system. The platform has been in the industry for many years and has received positive reputations from webmasters. The CMS platform has a host of features that only require a single click for installation.

Web developers have an easy time to use and manage different types of posts. The flexibility and varieties of options make Joomla an incredible choice for those webmasters looking to design something a little bit complicated.

The open-source trait is a clear indicator that there is a strong and vibrant community on the internet. The organization brings different web developers together to discuss solving issues. One of the best things about the platform is that it comes with great extensions that allow the development of e-commerce stores. These extensions are readily available and free for installation. Besides that, the CMS software allows webmasters with fewer skills of coding to use.

Most of the premium features are easy to use and manage web content. However, the platform is pretty challenging to manage for beginners. It needs an individual with coding knowledge and skills, or else hire a professional web developer. Also, the platform usually experiences incompatibility issues due to the installation of some extensions and website modules. These problems might ruin the performance of the site in different search engines.


One of the best content management systems for e-commerce stores. The all-in-one hosted platform is suitable for startups and small businesses. One of the most exciting things is that the webmaster does not need to install any software and manage updates and backups.

The interface is user-friendly since the developer needs to drag and drop blocks in the Shopify platform. It is an ideal option for a webmaster without knowledge and skills in programming. But that’s not all. The CMS platform supports in-store sales.

An individual can accept both credit and debit card payments when purchasing a product from the store. The most beautiful thing is that there are plenty of plugins and themes compatible with the Shopify platform. Besides that, you can add a Shopify app to provide more unique features. The platform user does not need to upgrade the system after making some money, as seen in many e-commerce platforms.

One feature that makes the CMS stand out from others is the ultimate customer support. The team is readily available for live chats, emails, and even calls. The customer team's reliability goes a notch higher since the staff usually respond to social media posts from their users. The purpose is to make the platform users feel more comfortable.


Magento is quite popular among e-commerce websites. It is built with open source technology that functions the same way as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

The Magento open source allows the web developer to download the free version and install it in the web hosting. It is the reason behind the gradual growth in demand in the world. The platform has thousands of third-party extensions that allow easy customization of websites according to their respective industry.

One of the essential things about this CMS platform is that it can handle a lot of products. Thus, there is a guarantee of not making your website have a slow loading speed in the search engines. The great trust is that there are numerous considerable brands in the market using the platform.

Some of the popular brands are Nike, Coca-Cola, and Ford. Another beautiful feature is that the platform accepts many payment gateways for the customers. An individual can choose bank transfer, PayPal, and cash on delivery. The most significant limitation is that magneto is quite expensive. Hiring a good developer familiar with the content management system is super costly since they are scarce in the market.

In Conclusion

Our best choice of content management systems is WordPress with all its benefits. The platforms are quite popular due to the ease of usage and ability for customization. CMS software is an excellent option without coding skills and knowledge. Other great alternatives are Magento and Shopify. But these options are great for e-commerce stores and those web developers with coding skills.

We recommend choosing a content management system that suits your tastes and preferences. Consider a platform that is easy to use and worth the value of your money.

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