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What Are the Tools Do You Use for Content Writing

  • Written by Helen Gonzales

Online content writing tools have got something about themselves that is highly irresistible. They are wonderful in processing text in several ways that if done manually, will require a lot of time and human energy. Plus, most of these tools are highly accurate and perfectly far above the manual results. Students, journalists, content writers, freelancers and what not? These are highly in demand by everyone. The most commonly used content writing tools among these include plagiarism checker, image to text converter, paraphrasing tool, and grammar checker. These have literally made the writing process very easy. These writing tools give perfection and uniqueness to your work. They are a great way to impress your fellow beings and dazzle the world with creativity. With these writing tools, you cannot possibly go wrong anytime!


  1. Plagiarism Checker

In today's world where most of us depend upon the internet as the source of information, a plagiarism checker comes in handy for shaping unique content. In case you are running your own online business, there is a constant need for brand new content every time. Whether you hire a professional content writer for this or do it on your own, time consumption and money investment are big factors that would give you a tough time. Instead, switch to an online plagiarism checker that is far better in accuracy, results, and affordability.

An online plagiarism checker compares your content with its huge database and picks traces of potential plagiarism in your text. That way you can easily remove them and make your content unique and distinctive. This betters SEO of your website as well. Unique content packed with the right keywords is shown first in the Search Results. This ultimately increases engagement on your content, meaning a win-win situation for your website.

Now coming towards students, they have a hard time making their projects and assignments. Thinking about the consequences of plagiarism comes to them as a nightmare. No student wants to get embarrassed in front of the teacher and other fellow beings because of plagiarism. Once they get caught, nobody believes that it was unintentional. Instead, they can use a good quality plagiarism checker and make sure they are on the safe side.

There are many online options for good quality plagiarism checker. You can check different websites for this, for instance, Search Engine Reports. This site offers the best plagiarism checker. It has advanced features that never skip picking a source of plagiarism. There are some other options of websites as well, for example, Small SEO Tools, Pre Post SEO et cetera. These sites offer advance plagiarism checkers that are 100% safe to use. The best thing about these websites is that their similarity checker are completely free of cost. Start using a plagiarism checker now and make your life simpler.


  1. Image to Text Converter

This tool is not new but it has got huge popularity recently. No need to manually write or type down anything from the source material. Pick a good image-to-text converter and save yourself from the manual fatigue. Image to text converter has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software in them that can easily recognize writing characters from different languages, compare them with its database and then convert them in the digital form of text. The accuracy of results by an image to text converter greatly depends upon the legibility of handwriting, printer’s ink, resolution of the image and quality of the scanned copy. Some very good websites offer image to text converters for free, for example, Search Engine Reports, NewOCR.com, Pre Post SEO et cetera. They protect your data and doesn’t exploit it anyway.


  1. Paraphrasing Tool

A Paraphrasing tool is also great for saving an ample amount of time and making your text more professional. If you have a startup business or running an online website, you are always direly needing new content. Pick a good online paraphrasing tool to get rid of paraphrasing text on your own. Let the tool perform things automatically and save your energy on something else that is equally important. Websites like Search Engine Reports, Small SEO Tools, and Pre Post SEO have ultra-accurate paraphrasing tools that can make your life simple forever! These options are great for students as well who have a hard time paraphrasing content from the internet. This can make their academic work remarkable and impressive.

A paraphrasing tool works pretty much similar to other content writing tools--making use of its artificial intelligence and database. The above-mentioned websites are purely safe and protected with end-to-end encryption, so there is no chance that your content will be stolen by a third party or hacker. Plus, the tools by these websites also delete the input file as soon as it is done with the processing.  


  1. Grammar Checker

For all those out there who have a hard time with grammar, this tool is perfect for them. Don’t worry if you are a non-native English speaker and lack a good grip over the language, this tool can completely save your problem. Websites like Grammarly, Search Engine Reports, Small School SEO, and Pre Post SEO are great in this regard. Their software can make your writing clean of any grammatical or spelling based errors. They use their database and artificial intelligence to eliminate mistakes. These are super safe tools and guaranteed to produce 99.99% accurate results. You can easily find them online. They are available in geographic regions. So no matter where you are sitting in the world, you can easily access them with the help of a good connection to the internet.



The use of content writing tools is increasing day by day. People are switching towards them rather than doing things manually. This is primarily because these tools save your time, energy and cost. Most of the good quality content writing tools are guaranteed to produce accurate results. They are superb to achieve perfection in your work. Make sure that you go for a credible website in picking a tool for yourself. 

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