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Why you should be putting aside time in your calendar to clean up your SEO each month

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One of the hardest parts about running an online business is the fact that people have to be able to self manage themselves. They will need to set their own hours, will have to choose a calendar system that suits them, and will have to ensure that they are completing all of the tasks that they set for themselves. If people don’t go about doing this, the chances are that they will simply feel like they are treading in water. But managing your online presence doesn’t need to be a personal stress with effective services at SEO Shark.

What can be helpful for people is to create a list of things that they need to do each month across all areas ranging from admin to marketing and they are then able to put this in their calendar at a day and time that they think will suit them. When people do this, they are going to feel more calm and in-control and like they are in-charge of their time and not the other way around. As this can be such an important subject for people to wrap their heads around, here is why you should be putting aside time in your calendar to clean up your SEO each month.

You should be putting aside time in your calendar to clean up your SEO each month because you may have broken links on your website

What people will commonly do when they are implementing different search engine optimisation techniques is that they will introduce something and then they will never worry about it again. For instance, someone may include a couple of links in their blog posts which lead to another high authority site. What can sometimes happen, however, is that this site shuts down or that they delete some of their own content and so the link will then become broken as it won’t lead anywhere.

While one broken link isn’t the end of the world, over time websites can quickly rack up the amount of broken links that they contain which doesn’t look great in the eyes of a Google bot. Thankfully, there are plenty of programs out there which can check a site and all of their links which people are able to easily use when they put aside time to clean up their SEO each month.

You should be putting aside time in your calendar to clean up your SEO each month because you may need to ensure that you are featured in enough places on the internet

One of the many reasons why people need to be putting aside time in their calendar to clean up your SEO each month is because they will need to be making sure that they are featured in enough places on the internet. This is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to search engine optimisation and will allow them to increase the chances that they will show in the first page of search results.

The reason for this is that Google will deem a site as more reputable when they are featured elsewhere on the web and so it can be an extremely wise move for people to ensure that this is the case. This can include things such as writing articles for other brands, opening a new social media account, or having a post shared onto someone else’s social media account. When another person shuts down their social media account, this link is then also deleted and so people should strive to be featured in another spot which is why people need to keep an eye out.

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