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Horizon Shores Boat & Marine Show

  • Written by Elizabeth Trevallion



Unified Events, creators of unique events designed to inspire and engage, is thrilled to announce the launch of the inaugural Horizon Shores Boat & Marine Show this October. A boat show with a difference, the festival style event will run at Horizon Shores Marina for 3 days, bringing with it a host of can’t be missed features.

Showcasing everything that marine-life-lovers could want or need, from boating and fishing accessories to water sports equipment and toys, this outdoor show will also feature educational seminars, workshops, and free demonstrations. A (sea)food and wine precinct will create a festival within a festival, including a Sparkling and Seafood VIP Bar, Fisherman’s Beer & BBQ Bar, and demonstrations by celebrity chefs. In addition, live music performances will add to the festival atmosphere, and the setting of a functioning marina and shipyard provides a level of authenticity and immersion guaranteed to turn even the most land-loving visitor into a water worshipper.


Taking place at the start of the boating season, the new show is strategically located at Horizon Shores Marina & Shipyard, the perfect setting for a boat show with a twist. In the heart of a boating paradise, this full-service marina is on the doorstep of North & South Stradbroke Islands and the Gold Coast Seaway, just 15 minutes off the highway between Brisbane CBD and the Gold Coast. Visitors to Horizon Shores Boat Show can easily attend by car, public transport, free shuttle bus, by water or even by helicopter.


Managing Director of Unified Events, Kiara Sullivan, said of their latest venture, “We couldn’t be more excited about launching the Horizon Shores Boat Show. This event marks the beginning of a long-term partnership with Horizon Shores Marina, demonstrating Unified Events’ unwavering commitment to supporting the boating industry, and offering great opportunity for future growth.”


“Inclusive and expansive, and designed to appeal as much to a novice fisherman as a seasoned seafarer, the Horizon Shores Boat & Marine Show promises to be a family-friendly event and one that caters to every budget. This event will be unlike any other boat show, with exciting features and a food and wine precinct that will ensure even those without sea legs will have an incredible time.”


Full event details will be released in coming months.


What: Horizon Shores Boat & Marine Show

When: 11-13 October 2019

Where: Horizon Shores Marina & Shipyard, Steiglitz, QLD

Info & tickets: Tickets from $5 at www.horizonboatshow.com.au

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