Quantium Solutions partners The Healthy Chef

Partnership is Quantium Solutions’ first in the Australian food industry


Quantium Solutions, a leading end-to-end logistics service provider in Australia, has announced a partnership with The Healthy Chef, a company founded by internationally lauded chef, nutritionist and award-winning cookbook author Teresa Cutter. The partnership will help the Australian business expand its eCommerce presence in the Asia Pacific, and it is also the first in the Australian food industry for Quantium Solutions. 


Owned by Singapore Post, Quantium Solutions is an established eCommerce logistics solutions provider in the Asia Pacific, operating in 19 markets, and handling every touch point of their partners’ supply chain process, from delivery to fulfilment. It enables major eCommerce companies – including some of the world’s largest fashion and beauty brands, and now, the Australian food industry – to expand their footprint globally.


Founder of The Healthy Chef, Teresa Cutter is one of Australia's leading authorities on healthy cooking. She is also known internationally, having designed menus and recipes around the world for InterContinental Hotels Group, and publishing a weekly column for Time Magazine in the USA. Dedicated to improving the health of individuals, Teresa launched The Healthy Chef eCommerce site in 2012 to sell organic, wholefood nutritional products and her bestselling cookbooks to Australians and overseas customers. Since its launch, the eCommerce store has seen consistent year-on-year growth in its online orders.


The Healthy Chef enlisted Quantium Solutions to help the business take its popular products, such as Whey Protein Isolate and Organic Pea Protein, to more customers overseas. Quantium Solutions will handle its warehousing, packaging and delivery of orders across Australia, New Zealand and around the world.


Teresa Cutter, Founder of The Healthy Chef, said: “Our customers are our priority, so it’s important that they receive their order quickly and effectively. With Quantium Solutions an order can now take two to three days to reach our customers in the Asia Pacific. If there are any issues with deliveries, we can count on someone there to rectify the situation immediately. Having Quantium Solutions as part of our team is reassuring and enables us to expand with outstanding service.”


Per Gustafsson, Australia and New Zealand General Manager at Quantium Solutions, said: “We are very excited to have The Healthy Chef onboard as they are our first customer from the food industry. Having worked with major hotels around the world, Teresa has insights to the demands and buying power of overseas destinations. Also, Australia’s proximity to leading eCommerce markets like China, Singapore, and Southeast Asia, makes it ideal for Australian brands to take their products to larger and more lucrative markets. With a well-established network across the Asia Pacific, Quantium Solutions is able to help brands like The Healthy Chef expand overseas.”

About Quantium Solutions

Quantium Solutions (quantiumsolutions.com/au) is a leading e-commerce logistics provider in the Asia-Pacific region, offering reliable and affordable end-to-end delivery, mailing, warehousing and fulfilment services. Quantium Solutions is a subsidiary of Singapore Post, and operates in 19 global markets, including Australia and New Zealand. Their unique hybrid postal and commercial network extends to more than 200 countries around the world. For more information, visit quantiumsolutions.com/au.


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