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How to Incorporate Illustrations into Your Website Design

What do you think makes a great web design project? Do you think your design is successful if it's modern, minimalist, and easy to use? Maybe you are one of those designers constantly experimenting with the technology. Perhaps your website is alive, animated, and full of unique elements that should be combined with accurate symbols.

Of course, hand-drawn symbols and elements are a good design technique to bring something special to your project. Most designers don't go crazy for elements that look hand-drawn, but a few touches can add a personal touch that draws users in.

This is also a trend in web design. From icon squiggles to immersive experiences that combine usability and art in equal measure, hand-drawn elements are a popular design option. Here are eight new ways to take advantage of this trend.

Hand-drawn elements are like any other element in web design. This allows you to express your individuality in a cluttered digital environment. In a world where everyone is focused on futuristic and virtual creations, hand-drawn elements can draw attention to the importance of humanity in content.

How to use hand-drawn elements

  • Hand-drawn design elements can be combined with almost any other visual expression. Work alongside photos and videos in a sea of ​​space or near text elements. Do not abandon the concept of using elements of this type. Hand-drawn design components can be combined with other visual elements of your website. It works perfectly with videos and photos and helps to highlight important points.

  • The lunchbox website uses hand-drawn elements. This helps your site stand out and provides additional context to customers browsing your site for important details.

  • The placement of each element is designed to allow the user to view the correct portion of the content. In the example above, the element is in the middle of the screen and is used to separate the two content areas. Further down in the design, similar icon-style elements are used in small text boxes to indicate what the company does.

  • Sometimes the best hand-drawn elements aren't written out. His style of typography, which mimics handwriting, is trendy for display purposes. This font style has a lighter, more personal feel that users can relate to. (The trick is to make sure the text is legible.)

  • Hand-drawn elements make for a fun, interactive element of your design. From animated loading (many of his website examples in this article use this style) to fully interactive experiences, this design technique is interesting enough to keep users engaged.

Real Estate Stained Glass is a great example of an interactive game that combines website design trends and creative elements, allowing users to colour pictures on the screen. What ties this together is that although the look is hand-drawn, the elements are precise and work seamlessly. The colour scheme works well, and you should never scribble outside the lines. This can keep users occupied.


Depending on the company you're designing for, the decisions you make when creating your website can significantly impact your brand and the emotional resonance of your audience. Hand-drawn elements often give websites a playful tone. They can bring an innocent, friendly feel to any project that's hard to replicate elsewhere.

Traditional illustrations can be combined with digital designs to produce truly outstanding results. To learn how illustrations can be incorporated into your own website to great effect, get in touch with an award-winning Gold Coast website design company.

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