Young Futura release "Gypsy Woman" single, music video

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The emerging musical duo known as Young Futura have released their latest single and music video titled “Gypsy Woman.” A collaboration between French Brooklyn-based Producer YMNO and DC rapper Beau Young Prince, Young Futura revitalizes the industry with a nostalgic hip hop presence fused with an upbeat dance music appeal. You can check out the music video on Youtube.
Music Video

The names Young & Futura, are close to the hearts of both of these artists, as they happen to be their names given by birth. Influenced by their respective cities, Young Futura translate their surroundings and moments, into smooth & enriching musical melodies. YMNO's exploration of musical themes - where he bends genres - creates mood setting, bass bumping jams. YMNO's tracks provide the perfect space for Beau Young Prince's unique nod to revivalist flows. BYP provides a layer as a lyricist that is smooth, positive & groovy-spitting wisdom and unforgettable harmonies. Young Futura represent a charming euphonious collaboration, not to be defined, constantly evolving-transcending the expected.

About YMNO

The name YMNO (pronounced eem-no) is a tribute to the producer’s favorite composer Eric Satie’s pieces, called Gymnopédie. The pieces symbolize the use of dissonance against the harmony in music. Something YMNO, the artist, always tries to incorporate into his work. YMNO has studied music his entire life - he began his disciplined musical education when he was accepted to study at the prestigious Salle Pleyel in Paris. YMNO takes his vast knowledge of musical theory and technical engineering abilities, and translates them to create contemporary genre-blurring, heavy bassdriven, melodic electronic music. YMNO is a French, Brooklyn-based producer with a decade of

professional work under his belt. His multi-platinum track record boasts work with 50 Cent, GZA, Kylie Minogue, OK GO, Trey Songz, Lloyd Banks, Raekwon, Macy Gray, The Cool Kids, A$AP Mob, Asher Roth and more.


The Washington D.C. native Beau Young Prince, aka the Groovy God, began seriously rapping in high school. At just 23, BYP is close to 1 million plays between Youtube and Soundcloud. BYP drops progressive flow and innovative heat on every track. His work as a lyricist speaks a wisdom, wise beyond his years. You may have caught, BYP on the road, opening for such acts as Wale, Nelly, Baauer, The Cool Kids, Danny Brown, Post Malone, Trinidad James, Ryan

Hemsworth, and many more.

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