How to Overcome Common Language Learning Problems

Everyone struggles to learn a new language. At some point, you struggled to learn your native language as a babbling, grammatically challenged toddler. And yes, no one joins the world as a master even in their native tongue.

Therefore, if you are passionate about Online Language Learning, you will achieve fluency with time and hard work. And yes, you must apply practical strategies to common problems you are destined to come across.

Persist through the challenges you come across on the road to fluency and one day, you’ll gain the benefits of being bilingual.

  1. Be Organized

As a learner, you should keep your study spaces and class materials organized. For instance, file and store the notes according to the subject.

In simpler terms, separate folders and notebooks according to the subject. Alternatively, you can have a binder with different sections and dividers to store and organize the class materials.

  1. Use It or Lose It

It takes practice to make perfect. Therefore, communicate in the new language in and outside the lesson.

Look for opportunities to speak with different people who understand the language. With this, you’ll boost your vocabulary and learn a thing or two about sentence construction.

  1. Know Where to Start

Knowing where to begin with the language is a common problem to many. For instance, a new language would have anything from tens of thousands to over a million vocabularies. Some languages have a different sentence and grammatical structure than your native language.

All these may seem challenging to you. But don’t forget, you are a beginner. Therefore, you don’t have to master the language, vocabulary, and grammatical construction in a day.

If you have a specific goal driving you, then use it as a guide on where you should begin.

  1. Be Sure to Remember Words

As you've seen, each language has thousands of vocabulary. Therefore, if you want to study a new language, make an effort to remember a given number of words every week.

The best way to remember these words is by using them. Therefore, find ways to practice the new language frequently either through writing a journal, speaking to a partner, watching films, or reading.

  1. Understand Your Motivating Factors

When learning a new language, it can be challenging to even get started. Yes, it may be easy to pick a few phrases or terminologies from TV shows and other speakers, but it takes real effort to make time to learn the language.

One way to ensure success in your language learning journey is understanding your motivation for learning the language. For instance, are you learning the language to enable you to converse with the locals on your next trip? Maybe you want to read your favorite comics and literature in the original language. Setting a clear goal gives you the necessary motivation to get started.


When it comes to learning a new language, people are overwhelmed by the challenges awaiting them. The feeling of incompetency is not uncommon especially in presence of fluent and flawless native speakers. And while learning a new language is not easy, it is not impossible.

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