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The term sustainable food is in common use nowadays, and there are some very solid reasons behind it. Isn’t it amazing how the coconuts from Srilanka taste the sweetest and are jam-packed with nutrients like the coffee from Yemen? Well, the very reason behind the superior flavors and health benefits found in these foods has a lot to do with the term sustainable food. This article is full of all the related information so, keep reading to know more.

What is sustainable food?

Sustainable food refers to the food production system that is natural. This means that the system does not involve practices that are harmful to the environment, people, and animals. It ensures complete support to the thriving urban and rural communities. This type of food production promises quantity with quality and ensures that future generations can follow the same.

Now, this doesn’t end with the production practices of food only. The term sustainable food extends to consuming local food and food fresh off the tree to the table. It also encompasses avoiding unhealthy packaged and processed foods, avoiding food wastage and understanding the relationship between unhealthy food practices and global warming.

Sustainable food tastes better and here are the reasons why!

Did someone say sustainable food means having to sacrifice good taste? That person must be uninformed. Sustainable food tastes superior to the food produced through unnatural practices, and here are some reasons to back this claim:

1- Go vegan: A lot of people around the globe are going vegan. This personal choice has resulted in owing to the massive scale damage that animal-related food production is doing to the environment. Veganism means abstaining from animal-related food products. These people still enjoy the delicious flavors; they just make a smart choice with what to eat. When the food feels bland, they can add an oomph to the taste with vegan condiments.

2- They come from healthy soil: Since the soil used for agricultural practices is healthy, the food produced is healthy and tasty too. Nature has gifted this world with delicious tasting food; each having a distinct flavor. Study shows that a big reason for tasty food through sustainable agriculture is the presence of all the necessary nutrients in the soil that gives each food its unique taste.

3- No chemicals: Sustainable agriculture does not allow the use of any sort of chemicals. Sustainable agriculture believes in achieving maximum yield and minimum loss but in normality brackets. It has an open-ended margin for crop destruction as well as other calamities and has devised unharmful ways to deal with it. This results in zero involvement of harmful chemicals that destroy that natural taste of the food.

4- The food does not undergo any process: Processed food means canning, freezing, adding flavors or additives for preserving, cooking, or anything else that involves increasing the life of that food beyond its natural shelf life. All these practices are sure to alter and kill the natural taste of food. Sustainable food practice ensures that natural taste remains intact.

5- The food doesn’t travel much: As time passes, the food starts losing its taste. Through extensive travels, and to preserve food through changing weather conditions and the long time intervals, the food is bombarded with preservatives. These preservatives not only kill the taste but also pose a threat to human health. Even if the food reaches its destination in the pure state, it can never offer the same taste it had on the first day of its production. Sustainable food doesn’t travel so the taste is not lost.

6- Healthy animals give tasty food: Sustainable food means that animal products; meat and dairy products come from animals that are bred in natural ways. If these animals are fed healthy food, they are sure to be healthy and give out tasty and healthy products.

7- Healthy animals give healthy crops: Looking at the larger picture, the whole farming and agricultural thing is a cycle. One thing leads to the benefit of the other. Animals are used in agricultural practices in many ways. Healthy animals will be more useful and tend to contribute to good tasting and healthy crops. Also, animal manure that is a blend of animal waste and by-products of meat production are excellent soil supplements for crops. See the connection?

8- Animals are free from hormones: The genetically engineered animals are actually injected with heavy hormones for rapid growth and reproduction. Sustainable food ensures that the chickens are not injected with hormones, the eggs are laid naturally, and other animals have completed their growth and production cycles naturally. Nature promises good taste and anyone who has had experience with sustainable food can vouch for this.

9- The food is native: Since sustainable food doesn’t believe in making food travel to long distances, it means the food to be served from the tree to the table. This means that people are encouraged to consume native food that is choke full of flavors and nutrients because of the favorable natural conditions.

10- Love and care: This may sound emotional, but there is a whole league of people who have a firm belief in this. The love and care that goes into the production of sustainable foods enhance its taste. Perhaps, this is why grandma’s pickle still tastes better than the commercial ones.

Last words:

A small single step goes a long way. Sustainable food practices cannot be implemented overnight, but small lifestyle changes can turn into big rewards. Sustainable foods promise a healthy environment, zero harm to the inhabitants of this planet and ensure flourishing local communities. All in all, it is a win-win for everyone.

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