Why Dust Monitoring Is Crucial In Your Job Site

  • Written by Ester

Controlling hazards, such as respiratory diseases, can be difficult in the workplace. Many of these conditions are due to exposure to dust and other airborne substances. Inhaling dust can cause various health issues, particularly in the construction and mining industries. With this, dust monitoring is vital, since controlling this particulate matter can be complicated, compared to physical hazards like heavy equipment that you can move.

Why Monitor Dust?

  • To utilize historical data and find out periods of high volume dust in the past, giving you an idea regarding potential upcoming risks and taking the necessary mitigation

  • To identify any sources of dust problems or complaints within your job site, take the right course of action to those problematic areas

  • To schedule those operational activities accordingly at your site, which are likely to cause dust, and understand the effects of such emission

The Benefits of Dust Monitoring

Health impacts are detrimental

Dust consists of small particles that usually penetrate through the nose and throat, finally settling in the lungs. This dust inhalation can result in cardiovascular diseases, premature delivery, respiratory diseases, and lung cancer. Individuals with asthma are highly at risk of dust exposure, which can trigger bronchoconstriction. This condition causes shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing.

Dust can negatively affect your projects

Uncontrolled and hazardous dust can present a multitude of effects during the process and outcome of your project. Air pollutants can contribute to the overall air quality in your worksite, and dust is extremely damaging because it spreads easily and quickly in the air.

Also, dust can be the source of fires and explosions in the workplace. If you are not using any dust monitoring system, you will have no idea how much dust has accumulated around and within your job site, running the risk of an explosion or fire.

Dust is a major factor in the air quality in the workplace

Without question, having to breathe clean air is among the things that are essential to humans. Unfortunately, air pollution primarily comes from carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and dust. According to the experts, it is considered unhealthy regardless of the dust quantity in the air, and all levels can damage the health.

Consider Professional Dust Monitoring

To ensure a safe and healthy facility, use professional services to monitor the dust at your workplace. These air specialists will work with you to identify the specific needs and problems of your site concerning dust. They will analyze the concentration of dust in the air with the use of highly-advanced monitoring tools and equipment. The instruments will pinpoint the exact location and time the excessive amount of dust occurs. The goal is to make dust levels in your job site meet the regulatory standards.

Construction, mining, or other industries can use dust monitoring systems for individual monitoring, general spot checks, and walk-through surveys. Dust monitoring must not impact the productivity and comfort of everyone working on the premises. With real-time monitoring, you will get instant results and equip your workers with greater awareness, resulting in a positive health program at work.

All specks of dust that you ingest are harmful, and some can cause death. This is why it is a must to monitor the dust in your worksite so you can address any air quality concerns and create a healthy environment. For this, make sure to work with an environmental monitoring company to create a dust management plan for your site, including establishing a system for dust control.

Author Bio: Ester Adams is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry.  She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.

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