Do Not Forget These Things When Leaving For Work

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On average, we spend roughly about 90000 hours performing our professional duties. That’s a staggering amount of time. That said, not all of us make the most of these hours in spite of being well-equipped with the necessary skillset. Oftentimes, the difference between productive and non-productive people is that they begin their day in a different style.

Ask any successful person, such as the owner of emergency locksmith Sydney, he would give a lot of credit to his morning rituals behind his roaring achievements. However, don’t assume they engage in anything super special to enhance their efficiency level.

You will also witness a pleasant change in your work performance if you do the following things before heading out to the office:

  1. Wake Up To The First Alarm

People are addicted to hitting the snooze button repeatedly before they finally give up on sleeping. On the surface, this habit does not seem to be as damaging but it has a great underlying significance.

A study unfolds that every time you sleep after pressing the snooze button, you begin a new sleep cycle, which does not come to an end very soon. That’s why a sizeable proportion of employees feel dizzy at work. To be more illustrative, about 20 percent of workers sleep on their duty.

That is not an ideal way to say hello to a brand-new morning. Make it a point to always get off the bed at first bell of your alarm. An adult requires 6 to 7 hours of sleep regularly. You won’t have a hard time to wake up if you calculate the sleeping hours and religiously stick to the same timing.

  1. Physical Exercise

Many people tend to get scared with the mere mention of physical exercise. You really don’t have to. The reason being, we are not asking you to hit the gym hard for one straight hour or suchlike.

The key thing is to expose your body to nature when the quality of air is at its pinnacle. Unless the office building is on top of the ventilation game, most of the workers hardly have access to fresh air throughout the day. As a result, productivity is hampered a great deal. Morning is the best time to pull up your socks and rejuvenate your mind and body for the long day ahead.

Depending on your health, you can consider either running or walking. The duration can be as short as 20 minutes but consistency matters more than anything else.

In all likelihood, some of you may have already developed an evening or night schedule for exercise. However, it is recommended to abandon it and prefer working out in the morning because it is more prolific for your physique.

  1. Navigate Through Long Term Goals

Typically, employees feel pumped up to win the world in the initial days of their job. They are high on sprits to make their mark in the respective industry. But, a few years down the road, all the enthusiasm evaporates in the hullabaloo of minor tasks. The factors like meetings and tight deadlines take tall on employees and they somehow make themselves content with average income and status. Are you also caught up in a similar phenomenon? It is perhaps because you have stopped pondering over the long term goals.

Don’t allow these day-to-day activities to blur the bigger picture. Just navigate through the long term goals before leaving for office. By keeping these objectives fresh in your memory, you can work towards their accomplishment bit by bit. That way, you will also feel motivated to give your best shot while performing small responsibilities because will you take them as the important pieces of a big puzzle.

  1. Have Breakfast

Health experts boast breakfast as the most important meal of the day. So, it would be sufficient to say that you should never skip breakfast by any means. But that does not mean you can munch anything and everything to cram the stomach. For example, grabbing a sandwich on your way to the office is never good. Instead of having a soothing effect on your body, inappropriate food will just do the opposite.

Shortage of time is often cited as the major reason behind missing out on breakfast. That being said, if something really tastes is laying on the table, you will eventually end up galloping it. Therefore, the takeaway message being, breakfast should be the yummiest one so that you can’t help eating it.

For health-conscious people, egg and toast will be an ideal meal to break the fast. It will perfectly set the tone for the rest of the day.

  1. Make A To-Do List

Have you ever wondered why your colleagues outperform you on many fronts when all of you work for the exact same hours? The answer lays in time management skills. This is where a to-do list can make a whole lot of difference.

Never leave for work without a to-do list or else you will be all over the place. If you have a habit of preparing the list before sleeping, make sure to double-check it in the morning for the last-minute add-ons.

Unlike the past, the modern generations do not have to rely on conventional pen and paper. There are many awesome to-do list applications on the disposal today. By using these modern tools you also cut the risk of forgetting the list at home.

  1. Engage In A Calming Mental Activity

Of late, social media has started to penetrate too much into our life. The next thing we do after rubbing our eyes in the morning is to check the Twitter, Instagram or Facebook feed. This activity should be saved be for the latter part of the day. You need not clutter your mind social media trash in the morning.

Instead, try doing meditation. It encompasses the mind with positive energy. As with exercise, you don’t have to dedicate an hour to this. Just a 20-minute slot will get the job done quite comprehensively.

  1. Go Through The Wardrobe

A bad wardrobe selection can spoil the whole day. It is pretty obvious that when we are not wearing comfortable clothes, there is no way we can approach the work with ease and attention. And once you step into the office, you have to make peace with your dressing, however unbearable it may be. Thus, take your time to dress up. Don’t grab a shirt or pent in haste.


As you can see, none of these things are insurmountable. Albeit fundamental, the above measures will surely help you to live above and beyond your potential. All you have to do is to stay glued to them for long term positive results.

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