Virtual debit card: how to apply

Today, almost every adult, as well as some young citizens, have plastic cards. Cashless payment helps not only to make purchases online, but also protects against scammers. That is why every person needs a virtual debit card, which WestStein service specialists will tell you how to issue.

Note that WestStein online account can be opened completely free of charge, being anywhere in the world. Our clients receive constant support from experienced financial industry experts, as well as a convenient and understandable mobile application through which they can track money transactions, transfer funds to other accounts, and carry out international transactions.

Virtual card: advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of issuing and using debit cards are related to their functionality. So, a virtual debit card has the following advantages:

  • * ordering a debit card online is possible for free;

  • * some financial institutions offer additional features through which the holder of "plastic" can earn, for example, cashback;

  • * WestStein prepaid card allows its owner to be as mobile as possible - he is not tied to any place or time, he can open a mobile application at any time and make a transfer, as well as make online purchases at any time;

  • * the client can keep funds in any currency, has the opportunity to open a multi-currency account;

  • * your funds are protected from real and virtual intruders - virtual money is quite difficult to steal, especially if the user follows all the recommendations and does not distribute confidential information.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then we should highlight the lack of credit funds, that is, you will not be able to use the bank's money, for example. But it can also be a plus in favor of the fact that the client will not drive himself into a minus.

Virtual card: issue in a couple of clicks

Today, literally anyone can open a confidential account that will not be tied to their main bank account. To do this, you need to find the “Open my account” plate on the official WestStein website and register. After passing the verification, you immediately receive a virtual card, which you can replenish in any convenient way (ATM, transfer of funds from another account).


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