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Stunning designs: why acrylic mounting is a style revelation

Acrylic mounting has revitalised the home decoration game. Stylish and vibrant, with plenty of technological advantages that surpass obsolete styles, acrylic mounting has become a favourite in Australia’s homes and commercial properties and for a number of very good reasons!

From wall panels to the best photo blocks Australia has available, here are some reasons why you might want to invest in acrylic mounting:

  1. They are UV-resistant

Have you ever hung a photo or fine art print on the wall and left in a space that draws a lot of sun? If so, you may realise sooner rather than later that this favoured image has suddenly faded. And, whilst the sun may not fade your photos and fine art to oblivion, they do distort part of what made you want to put them up in the first place.

Conversely, acrylic mounting is much more sun resistant, especially considering the top layers provide an extra barrier against a sun that might otherwise love to destroy some of your favourite images!

  1. They are hazard-resistant

We’ve all experienced a smashed picture frame before - it’s a nuisance and, if you ever step in its shardy remnants - a hazardous nightmare! No one wants to plant their foot in glass, and no one wants to leave a broken picture frame on the wall because they don’t have the time or budget for having a priceless image reframed!

Acrylic mounting - whether it be panels or the best photo blocks Australia has available - are designed to resist these otherwise obsolete (and unnecessary) situations. So, if you’ve ever experienced a smashed frame, or simply don’t like the thought of it happening with one of your favourite images inside, then why not consider having your images mounted acrylic-style?

  1. Anti-static technology

Anti-static technology doesn’t mean anti-shock capabilities. Instead, it means that it’s harder for the acrylic mount to collect dust and other debris. If cleaning isn’t one of your favourite things in the world then it’s likely you don’t want to spend too much time dusting your prized prints - this is another reason why acrylic mounting and its anti-static technology is a real winner for Australian homes.

  1. They look great

Whether it be full-frame or a transparent styling there is nothing more stylishly-contemporary than acrylic mounts. Designed for their sleek, elegant look (as well as their other benefits) they invigorate the style and concept of any modern home.

If you are going for a look that is luxuriously-minimal then acrylic mounting is perfect for your home. This is because they are not blocky and clunky like other, outdated frames, and don’t give off the feeling of taking up too much space. All in all, they are a style delight, giving your home a look of contemporary sophistication that those bulky old photo frames simply cannot.

  1. They draw the focus to the image

Whilst old picture frames are often designed in a way that draws our attention away from the image, modern acrylic frames are designed to completely emphasise the image. When you look up at your stunning acrylic mounts, the one and only thing you will notice is the wonderful image sitting there as if suspended in midair, providing a beautiful, airy impression that is simply perfect for modern homes.

As you can see, acrylic photo mounts are the ultimate way to give your home that look of sophistication whilst protecting your favourite images. For these reasons we say that they are the perfectly modern photo-framing alternative and ideal for style and sophistication!

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