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4 Tips To Keep Your Drains Clean And Clog-Free

There’s nothing more frustrating than taking a shower and finding out you’re already ankle-deep with bubbles and suds from your bath. When this happens, there could be something that’s clogging your drain, preventing the water from flowing smoothly out of your home. This problem must not be ignored and should be resolved immediately as it can develop into a bigger issue when you leave it behind.  

Your kitchen and bathroom are the areas in your home that are more prone to having dirty and clogged pipes, which can make every kitchen and bathroom day troublesome. You can always call the nearest plumber in your area, like plumber Northern Beaches if you’re in that area. But it’d still be best if you could maintain the condition of your pipes to prevent any unwanted expense. With that said, here are four tips to keep your drains clean and clog-free.  

  • 1. Don’t Pour Oil Down The Drain 

After cooking oily meals, never pour the oil down the drain as it could create a thick buildup on your pipes, which could clog your drain. While it may be tempting to pour it down the drain so you can wash your frying pan immediately, it’d do more harm than good.  

To throw any excess oil away, pour it in a container, like a disposable milk carton or an extra plastic bag, and seal it tightly before throwing it out in your trash. For the remaining oil residue on your pan, pour enough water on it and let it sit for a few minutes before pouring it down the drain. In this way, you’re limiting the amount of oil that goes down, preventing any intense buildup.  

For better oil management, it may be a good idea to install a grease trap by the sink, which can separate the water from the oil and other food particles. Doing this would keep your pipes clean and clog-free. 

  • 2. Dispose Of Coffee Grounds Properly 

If you’re brewing your coffee with a reusable filter, clean it after every use to prevent any buildup and keep it in excellent condition for a long time. But when it comes to cleaning the filter, it may be tempting to drain the coffee grounds directly to the sink for a quicker result. While that may help save you a few minutes, the small particles can cause your pipes to clog and cause bigger issues.  

To throw your coffee grounds properly, the best way to do it is to put them in the trash bin. Apart from being an easy solution, doing this may also remove any scent from your trash as the grounds could help absorb any foul odors. Alternatively, you can add them to your compost bin if you’re cooking one in your yard. This should be helpful with reducing waste and adding nutritional benefits to your compost.  

  • 3. Purchase A Drain Gate 

It’s almost impossible to control the amount of hair and soap scum that’d go down the drain every time you take a shower. Hair is one of the biggest culprits in clogged shower drains, damaging your pipes and causing floods inside your home. To avoid these problems, it might be wise to purchase a drain gate that can gather every solid material that’d go through and prevent it from falling down the drain. 

After every bath, try to clean the drain gate immediately by throwing the hair and soap scum into your trash. Along with this, brush the drain pipes to gather any hair fallouts, ensuring you have a clear plumbing system inside your home.  

Aside from your bathroom, your kitchen sink should also have a drain gate. This is especially effective when there are still a few food bits left on your plates. A drain gate could gather any small food particles that could go down the drain, which could clog your pipes. 

You could just remove the drain gate after every wash and throw whatever particle is there on the trash can. These are only small actions you need to do that can keep your kitchen and shower drains clog-free. 

  • 4. Pour Hot Water After Every Use 

After washing your oily dishes, immediately pour hot water on your sink to break up any oil components that could attach to the side of your drain. By allowing hot water to continuously flow, you’d prevent the oil from attaching to your pipes. That way, you can prevent any clogged drains and oil buildup, which can be extremely difficult to remove.  

Depending on the number of dishes you have for the day, run hot water on your kitchen sink for at least ten seconds ideally to ensure your pipes are thoroughly clean and free from any oil. However, if you see any damages to your line, never attempt to do it on your own since the problem could develop into something worse. In such situations, better call professional help. 


Clogged drains won’t only cause floods in your home, but they can also develop into bigger problems that can damage your pipes as well as other parts of your house. By keeping your lines clean, you’d be practicing good plumbing maintenance that’d surely pay you back for years to come. With a good plumbing system, you’d only need to call a plumber for your yearly maintenance and inspections and avoid any replacements and major repairs.  


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