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Australian brand dog&boy announces their AW19 collection

  • Written by Natalie Chandler


Australian accessories brand dog&boy has announced the launch of their highly anticipated AW19 collection, which reflects the designer’s love of storytelling and design. Inspired by the beauty in the everyday and brought to life through thoughtful design, the timeless selection of scarves go beyond the contemporary fashion scene, offering the wearer a range of exclusive prints that are stylish and sophisticated with a hint of personality.

Founded in 2015, the story of dog&boy started from a passing comment from a friend that Sonya should design her own scarves after Sonya complained about not being able to satiate her lifelong scarf obsession. The idea stuck and the journey of dog&boy began.

After leaving the corporate world in the pursuit of her new dream, Sonya quickly gained a loyal following for her unique and beautiful designs. However, the journey to the success was not without heartache, with shortly after the launch of dog&boy, Sonya was confronted with her mother’s diagnosis and passing from brain cancer within the same month.

To this day, Sonya continues to honour her mother by weaving her mother’s sketches into many of her designs, and donating a percentage of the profits of dog&boy towards the Cure Brain Cancer foundation for research and support for others facing this devastating disease.    

From the uniqueness of ‘the space between’ print, or the chic layered design of the buildings in the ‘smoke and mirrors’ print, the carefully selected natural soft fabric and choice of muted tones of pinks, olive green, blue and lilac, combined with intricate etching and bold patterns reflect a quiet confidence in the way designer Sonya Michele plans her collections.

“I design, not with the intention of keeping up with fast fashion trends, but to create something beautiful and timeless. I want people to feel nostalgic and inspired by my pieces - as a designer that is the ultimate goal, “ said Sonya of her AW19 collection.

Each dog&boy scarf also comes with a carefully selected quote to capture the essence of each piece. The quotes allow the wearer to think about what that concept means to them personally – making the pieces not only a reflection of the designer’s journey, but also the journey the new owner is about to embark on to complement beautiful dresses.

With a strong focus on ethical sourcing, manufacturing and production, all dog&boy designs are printed on premium grade natural fibres, such as silk, cotton and Australian merino wool and digitally printed using eco-friendly reactive dyes to minimise and reduce the brand’s impact on the environment.

Available in various sizes, dog&boy scarves make women feel stylish and feminine, adding a statement piece or final edit to any outfit, and complementing the everyday wardrobe, no matter the journey.

Discover your own story with dog&boy
RRP: $89.00 - $159.00
AW collection: February 2019

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