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Crayon and rhipe Complete Brand Integration: Unified Strength for Unlimited Opportunities

Two-year integration process creates a single, powerful brand entity

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - Media OutReach Newswire - 1 July 2024 - Crayon, a global leader in IT services and innovation, today announced the complete integration of rhipe into its brand.
Effective from today, the rhipe brand will be discontinued. With the integration, Crayon becomes the sole brand, unifying the two organisations strengths into a powerful entity that offers partners enhanced and unlimited opportunities.

Over the past two years, Crayon and rhipe have worked to combine teams and capabilities to both disrupt and improve the value offered by traditional distribution models. By expanding services, solutions, and programs, the organisation is helping partners grow revenue and scale their businesses.

"Our commitment to unlocking unlimited opportunities for our partners and their customers is stronger than ever," said Rhonda Robati, EVP Asia Pacific at Crayon. "The successful completion of this integration underscores our dedication to achieving greater efficiency and value for our partner community. Our shared obsession with helping partners grow and a people-first culture has already delivered significant achievements in the channel business. We look forward to attaining even more as the cloud and AI frontiers continue to grow for partners in Asia Pacific."

Crayon's global presence now includes over 4,000 employees, with more than 800 located in the Asia-Pacific region, supporting over 3,500 regional partners. As the third-largest Microsoft SPLA aggregator and indirect cloud solution provider (CSP), Crayon's reach extends to 46 countries, distributing over 40 vendor products across APAC. This ensures consistent delivery of top-tier value and support.

"Through the integration of our organisations, we are investing in partner success with specific enhancements," said Robati. "Crayon is now better positioned to provide further value for partners, ensuring consistent, sustainable, and long-term business gains."

New Services

Partners can now benefit from the combined solutions portfolio and enhanced services across eight operational domains: Cloud productivity, security, business continuity, business applications, IT cost management, cloud services, data, and AI solutions.

The company also offers expertise in backup, cloud migration, ERP implementation, cybersecurity, cloud cost optimisation, and cloud management. Partners can leverage two new cybersecurity assessment offerings for cloud security, Azure Risk Mitigation and Essential Eight maturity.

They will also be able to white-label a more comprehensive suite of products and services to offer their customers, helping them become a one-stop shop for their end customers.

Partner Success Support

As part of the new value Crayon offers to its partners, enablement will be key. The relaunched apac.crayonchannel.com website has a dedicated section for partner enablement, providing resources and tools to support partner growth and development.

Beyond bolstering enablement, the business offers access to its Technology Advisory Group (TAG), an APAC-based specialist unit providing strategic and technical guidance on a value-add basis.

Through expert support in business development, vendor relations, and technical consultancy, TAG equips partners with competitive differentiation and high-performance operating models.

New Platforms Announced

PRISM has also been rebranded to Crayon and the system will still co-exist with Cloud-iQ in APAC. Crayon has already announced the creation of a new cloud billing platform to integrate Cloud-iQ and the revamped PRISM, which will be the most powerful Cloud Billing Platform in the market.

"Our goal is to empower our partners with the best tools and support," said Warren Nolan, Crayon's SVP of Channel. "With the creation of a new and integrated Cloud Billing Platform, partners will be able to streamline subscription management, gain real-time insights into their spending, and access comprehensive reporting tools. This not only simplifies operations but also helps optimise cloud investments, allowing partners to focus more on growing their business and less on administrative tasks."

Crayon has announced the launch of new partner programs for the APAC channel community to add strategic long-term value to its partners. The programs are expected to be launched throughout the second half of this year.

For more information, visit Crayon's Channel website: https://apac.crayonchannel.com/
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Crayon is a customer-centric innovation and IT services company with over 4,000 team members across 46 countries. We optimize businesses' IT estate to help them innovate with expertise they can trust. Our services create value for companies to thrive today, and scale for tomorrow. For more information, visit .

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