Why Are Regular Breaks Important in the Office?

When you are trying to meet a deadline or have a demanding customer to handle, you often forget to take breaks at work. In fact, it has become your norm to eat a sandwich on your desk while your other hand is typing. You drink coffee while you're answering emails. Unless a coworkercalls you in the pantry, you basically forget that you need to take a break, breathe, and grab a bite.

In case you are wondering, no, you're not going to be an instant millionaire working yourself to the ground. Though your bosses are impressed, working yourself like a horse every day will not push them to promote you to a managerial position. It will take more than doing overtime work for them to invest in your talents and skills. That's something that many employees forget-how to invest in themselves.

Taking regular breaks at work is a sort of investment. Look, you don't need to spend that time chatting with your workmates. If that is not your cup of tea, then you can take a break outdoors. You can hang out in that nice spot in the garden that the building owner carefully designed for employees and tenants alike. If there is one thing that almost all commercial buildings understand now, it's the need for commercial landscaping services to convert outdoor spaces into attractive yards and gardens.

Rest Is Essential

Have you ever tried working when you are bone-tired weary? Have you accomplished something that way? If you have been working for eight hours, do you think the next two hours will be productive? Not in a bit. People's brains tend to disconnect when it is overworked. When it is too tired to think about a strategy, campaign, or messaging, it will not work. No matter how many cups of coffee you try to drink, the truth is that no good idea comes out of a brain that's been on overdrive for the better part of the day.

Broader View

Sometimes, you need to take a step back to see the bigger picture. You might be focusing on the little things that can easily be delegated to other team members. Your focus should be on the bigger strategy that will contribute to the success of the whole project or campaign. Taking a break will allow you to see the whole thing from a different perspective. It will give you time to reassess your goals, refocus your energies, and make sure that you are giving the proper tasks their due.


Even the most super athlete of all super athletes will need to rest and recharge after battling it out for hours on the court. It's the same thing with you who work in the office before a computer. Sure, your muscles aren't as sore as that athlete, but your brain is basically fried. You have no cognitive capacity to be creative because your brain is focused on rest rather than on ideas. Be kind to yourself. Taking a break allows your brain to draw more energy for the tasks that lie ahead. So, whenever there's a big task in front of you, take a rest first.

Healthy Habits

When you are busy, healthy habits such as eating well and exercising tend to go out of the window. They are not your priorities. You eat just to fuel yourself up, but you don't eat the proper nutritious meals. As for exercising? Forget about that. You don't even have time to brush your hair, much less go to the gym or run around the park. You have to incorporate breaks into your work routine just so you can sit down and have a proper lunch. With enough time, you can even go to the nearest deli and pick something healthy for lunch.

A proper schedule at work also means you can prevent computer vision syndrome. The most common symptoms are eye strain and headaches. They happen because you spend most of your day sitting in front of a computer. To prevent this from being a kind of long-term discomfort, you need to give your eyes and your tired muscles rest.

Taking breaks at work is not idleness. And if you are ever idle for a few minutes, what is so wrong with that? From time to time, your body and mind need to be idle. They need to rest and recuperate. Experts likened rest to taking Vitamin D to the body. That is how necessary it is to get work done.

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