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3 Common Deck Styles For Sydney Homes

  • Written by Ester Adams

Sydney has the highest real estate prices in Australia. The most populated city in the country, plenty of people choose to live here to take advantage of the high employment opportunity, outstanding educational institutions, and numerous tourist spots. Growing families also opt to live in the capital of New South Wales to be close to some of the most iconic beaches in the Land Down Under, including the Manly and Bondi beaches.

Since houses in Sydney are very expensive, most homeowners would want to make sure that they will get the most out of their real estate investment. They would see to it that they will maximise all the spaces possible, so members of the household have enough space to move properly. The open spaces are normally turned into patios and decks so it can serve as an outdoor living area and entertainment space. Homeowners would call deck builders in Sydney to help them build a new deck or improve the old one that came with the house.

If you just bought a home in Sydney and plan to build a new deck or renovate the current one, here are several deck styles that you may consider depending on your style and needs.

Platform Decks

The platform decks are usually the style of choice by homeowners who want the simplest deck style. It is often attached to single-level residential abodes and built low to the ground.

Most deck builders in Sydney would opt not to put railings on this type of deck since it is not elevated. Therefore, there is no risk of accidentally falling off from the platform. But the homeowners must look for other ways to put borders on the perimeters. They could either use bench seating or built-in planters for this purpose. They can also add more decorative elements on the platform decks, including a sunburst railing or large-screened gazebo.

Since platform decks are built very close to the ground, you need to ensure that your builders will use pressure-treated structural materials that can handle direct ground contact. It must also have two coats of protective sealer at most before the builders install the platform to preserve the deck’s undersides. 

Raised Decks

All residential properties that are built with above-grade first floors need raised decks for even installation. But if you will have this installed in your property, you must ask the deck builders to put railings in place along the sides and the stairs for the safety of the household members and the guests.

Upon completion, the decks that are built using this style come with exposed foundation posts. If you find it unappealing, you can have it covered.

Two-Story Decks

If you want to have more outdoor living areas but have limited space, you can ask your builders to come up with a two-story deck for your household. It will allow you to have outdoor access to the second level of your home.

The posts used for the second level of the deck can be covered with decorative boards to avoid looking lanky. You may also use rocks as decorations to conceal the exposed parts of the deck.

Having a deck at home can turn your backyard or other vacant areas in your home into an extension of your living space in Sydney. By choosing among these common deck styles for your home, you can ensure that the once bare area will look and feel cosy to make you and your guests feel at home.

Author Bio: Ester Adams is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry.  She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.

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