Free onboard credit and bonuses on luxury South Pacific cruise from Tahiti to Australia

Up to US$1250 in onboard spending money is one of the free offers included in a new package released by Cruise Express for a luxury cruise from Tahiti to Australia in November 2019.

The 22-night ‘Sublime South Pacific’ package features some of the world’s most beautiful, tropical islands in Tahiti, Samoa, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

The deluxe holiday begins with an included flight from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth to Tahiti, one night in Papeete and three nights at the luxurious Intercontinental Moorea Resort and Spa. Included are daily breakfast and dinner and a full-day on Moorea’s picture-postcard lagoon, including lunch and snorkelling equipment.

Guests then board Oceania Cruises’ intimate, 684-passenger ship, Regatta, for an 18-night cruise from Papeete to Sydney via Bora Bora – billed as the world’s most spectacular tropical island – as well as Pago Pago, Apia, Suva, Lautoka, Vila, Noumea and Brisbane.

The cruise aboard the boutique Regatta includes free dining in the ship’s specialty restaurants, free internet access, soft drink, coffee, tea, juice and gratuities.

Including the flight from Australia to Tahiti, four nights in Tahiti and the 18-night cruise, the package is available from A$8413 per person, twin-share.

Bookings made before March 31, 2019, will receive US$450 in onboard spending credit per stateroom plus a choice of either eight free shore excursions or an onboard beverage package or an extra US$800 in onboard credit.

Call Cruise Express on 1300 766 537 or visit www.cruiseexpress.com.au 

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