The Ultimate Gamer’s Halloween

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October is here, and it’s open season on the spoils that come with the month of terror. The horror movies are already dominating the big screen, and the candy stores are filling up their shelves with all kinds of treats. October is a month to exercise your wildest fantasies, and what better way to do it than to indulge yourself in the most adrenaline-pumping Halloween themed games. Lucky for you, we have combed through multiple game genres and come up with the ultimate gamer’s Halloween guide. If you do not have the stomach for horror games, don’t fret, we have you adequately sorted out.

Best Halloween Casino Slots Games

Unfortunately, this year’s Halloween comes at a time when the world is fighting a pandemic. Most casino buffs who always look forward to a grand time in their favorite gaming den will not have their typical October casino fix. Luckily, 2020 has seen the rise of spellbinding online casino slots games with high chances of accumulating wins. There are good reasons why Fair Go is called the “Aussie Player’s Dream” when it comes to pokies but don’t take our word for it, test them yourself! We should also mention we found some really fun Halloween-themed pokies with spooky bonuses under the Twitter handle Aussie_Casinos that are perfect for the season. This includes Witches Charms by EGT, Halloween Fortune by Playtech, Pharaoh's Secrets by Playtech, Paranormal Activity by iSoftbet, and so much more! Excellent features that come with these games will instantly put you in a fervent Halloween mood!

Best DLC Halloween Video Games

The advances made in modern gaming are simply exhilarating! Today, an avid gamer gets to enjoy high definition Ultra 4K displays, gaming with slick gadgets, futuristic gaming consoles for virtual reality gaming, augmented reality, gesture controls, and so much more. When considering Halloween-themed DLC and expandable video games, you are in for a real treat as we have a list of action-packed paranormal gaming options. Picture starting your Halloween run with Assassin’s Creed Curse of the Pharaohs, then switch to the old hunters version of Bloodborne, take things up a notch with the Halloween version of Hitman 2 and finally welcome the 31st with the surreal undead nightmare of the Red Dead Redemption video game. A mix of the described games would indeed account for the perfect Halloween.

Best PC Halloween Games

PC gamers can also enjoy bloodcurdling games suited for Halloween. The latest top-rated PC games immerse you in an adventurous gaming environment in ghost towns infested with zombie hordes, haunted castles, and even the brutal world of monsters. The best PC games in 2020 are under the hashtag #game_pass. Some honorable mentions include Dead by Daylight, The chilling Biohazard Resident Evil 7, Blair Witch, the second State of Decay, and Carrion. The named options are recommendable for the season because they are easily accessible and offer an equally immersive gaming experience with a well-developed interface.

Best Group Halloween Games

The horror season may be different this year with the current Covid-19 containment measures, but things do not have to be dull in the house. For a group setting with young ones, Name the Monster game is an excellent choice. Everyone secretly receives a specific monster on a paper. You take turns giving vague descriptions of your monster without revealing its name, and everyone else in the room has to guess its identity. Another exciting option is the Don’t Say Halloween game. Everyone in the house receives a prized token, which they should have in their person at all times. The rule is not to say the word Halloween. If you are caught saying it, you lose your token. The person with the most tokens at the end of the day wins the game.

Best Halloween Games for Adults

Nothing puts the thrill in Halloween like a good murder mystery. You start by developing a creative murder plot that is not too obvious. The plot must fit in all the available characters in the house. You do not have to go to the trouble of writing the plot yourself. You can easily buy a murder mystery kit on the internet. Each character has a unique role, so everyone should go over their role first before the d-day. Dressing up for the occasion goes a long way to create a fun and realistic environment.

Another exciting game that will have the whole group in stitches is the circle of death drinking game. It involves a deck of cards and an assortment of drinks. Pour a concoction of the drinks in a thematic pumpkin container or a witches cauldron and place it at the center of the circle. The cards should be spread evenly around the circle next to the concoction, where you will take turns picking. Specific numbers will prompt the player to drink the concoction. The player that picks the last card on the deck has to down what’s left of the concoction before restarting the game.

This article has plenty of gaming ideas to keep you busy this Halloween but if you need more ideas check out the hashtag #halloween2020 on Twitter, but we warn you, it’s spooky! 

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