The Soul Movers announce album and national tour

  • Written by Sue McAullay

Bona Fide’ - out March 15

 Recorded across seven legendary US studios


Sydney-based rockin’ soul and funky pop band, The Soul Movers, are readying the release of their new album, Bona Fide, out March 15 through ABC Music/Universal.  Fans will get a taste of the new album with the first single ‘You Better Believe It!’ released this Friday- January 25.  Check out the clip with DZ Deathrays cameo here.

The Soul Movers features soul singer Lizzie Mack on lead vocals, ex-Red Wiggle and ARIA Hall of Famer Murray Cook on lead guitar, bass player Andy Newman (The Visitors), Marko Simec (Waiting For Guiness) on keys, and drummer Stuart Wilson (Loose Pills).

Last year, the band traversed the US to record the tracks for Bona Fide at seven historic studios including FAME Studios, Royal Studios, Muscle Shoals Sound Studios and Sun Studio to name a few. Not only did they record in these hallowed studios, they were also lucky enough to play with some of the greatest session players. Bona Fide crackles with the intensity of a band at the peak of their powers and is sure to wow audiences with its powerful, upbeat and memorable tracks.

A highlight of their US recording odyssey was their two days at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio when The Soul Movers recorded with the legendary Swampers, Spooner Oldham and David Hood.  The Swampers were part of the in-house band playing on over 500 recordings. These include 75 gold and platinum worldwide hits like Mustang Sally for Wilson Pickett, Respect for Aretha Franklin, Mainstreet for Bob Seger and Tell Mama for Etta James, just to name a few.

“For me, the most amazing and surreal moment was playing guitar on our song, If I Could Ever, looking over and seeing two giants of modern music, Spooner Oldham and David Hood grooving along” says Murray Cook. “Here were two men who have played on many of my favourite records and some of the greatest music ever recorded - and they were playing keyboards and bass on OUR record!”

Here’s a current EPK of The Soul Movers live shows plus a peek behind the scenes while touring and recording in the US.

Bona Fide is The Soul Movers’ third album. It exemplifies soul music as seen through the Australian experience. The remarkable collaborations they had with their American musicians and singers, the hallowed studios they recorded in are all powerfully present in the resulting musical experiment. Studio imagery and jovial banter from the recording process bring the experience to life for the listener - Bona Fide - listen for yourself - it’s the real deal: listen link here

 The Soul Movers first round of national tour dates include:

Sat Feb 9 - The Wickham Park Hotel - Newcastle NSW

https://www.thewicko.com.au (02) 4965 3201

Sun Feb 10 - The Grand Junction Hotel - Maitland NSW

https://www.thegrandjunctionmaitland.com (02) 4933 5242

Fri Feb 22 - The Coogee Diggers Bunker Room - Coogee NSW

http://www.coogeebunker.com (02) 9665 4466

Wed March 6th - The Duke of George – Fremantle WA

https://dukeofgeorge.com.au/ (08) 9319 1618

Thu March 7th – The Ellington Jazz Club - Perth WA

 http://www.ellingtonjazz.com.au/ (08) 9228 1088

Fri March 8th - The Ellington Jazz Club - Perth WA

 http://www.ellingtonjazz.com.au/ (08) 9228 1088

Sat March 16th - Django Bar – Marrickville NSW (Bona Fide Album Launch Sydney)

http://camelotlounge.com/ (02) 9550 3777

Fri March 29th Midday in store - Basements Discs – Melbourne VIC

http://www.basementdiscs.com.au/ (03) 9654 1110

Fri March 29th - The Bridge Hotel – Castlemaine VIC

http://bridgehotel.com.au/ (02) 9810 1260

Sat March 30th - The Evelyn Hotel – Fitzroy VIC (Bona Fide Album Launch Melbourne)

http://evelynhotel.com.au/ (03) 9419 5500

Fri April 5th - Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall – Brisbane QLD (Bona Fide Album Launch Brisbane)


Sat April 6th - Yamba Shores Tavern – Yamba NSW

http://yambashorestavern.com.au/ (02) 6646 1888

Sat April 13th - Byron Bay Brewery – Byron Bay NSW

https://www.byronbaybrewery.com.au/ (02) 6639 6100

Sun April 14th - The Milk Factory - Brisbane QLD

https://www.themilkfactorybar.com.au/ (07) 3217 2061

Sat April 20th - Boogie Festival – VIC


Sun April 21st - The Old Bar - Fitzroy VIC

http://www.theoldbar.com.au/ (03) 9417 4155



“This album is a quantum leap. As we planned our musical pilgrimage to these iconic US studios, we consciously wrote more roots-oriented songs to try to reflect a wide range of American music styles.” says Murray Cook.

Lizzie Mack is equally proud of the new album The Soul Movers have created. Bona Fide “feels like the first one to truly capture our ‘real sound’. It has an original flavour to it that had to come from the Aussie/ American combination of players and approaches to this type of modern soul music. It’s a standout and really satisfying for me to finally have on the outside what I heard when first writing the songs.”

"The Soul Movers are the real deal my friends. They love soul music – and they also understand and feel it. The very essence of soul music beats inside the members of The Soul Movers and as such they play the music with feeling, passion and a big, pulsating heart. In every way they celebrate its history and look forward to its ever evolving future – a future that they are part of." -  Stuart Coupe

Find out more about The Soul Movers by following them on Instagram @soulmoversband or on their website or Facebook.


The Soul Movers, with Boo Mitchell, at ROYAL Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.

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