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Benefits Of Having Your Letterbox

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Have you been thinking about getting your letterbox? Perhaps the idea has been lurking around in your mind for a while but you wonder whether the expense is worthwhile? Getting your letterbox does not need to be a costly affair and the benefits can far outweigh any monetary expense. Allow us to guide you through why private letterboxes are an ideal option for the post that is addressed to your house.


The last thing that anyone wants is someone else opening their mail. All sorts of the post come to our homes, some of it may be about minor matters but other letters are private and could even jeopardize our safety if they fell into the wrong hands. Thieves know all about targeting mail and are experts at recognizing posts which may have valuables inside or contain information such as bank statements or ID documents. A private mailbox will provide an increased level of security for you and your family. To know more about letterbox click here.


Having your private letterbox also has a great feel about it. It is also advantageous for projecting a professional image if you run a business or are thinking about setting up a new business where mail that arrives will come to your home address.


If you currently use a post office box you are likely aware of the inconvenience that comes with sticking to set times. This is especially the case if you are waiting for an important letter or document. This annoyance is completely done away with when you have your private letterbox for your post. You have ease of access at any time, night or day.

Ease Of Parcel Delivery

We all love to get a parcel. However, we all hate to miss the delivery! Parcels are not always easy to deliver when no one is at home and can mean a game of 'chase the parcel' as you attempt to get it left somewhere safe. However, a safe and secure letterbox, such as Sandstone Deluxe Letterbox, will mean that parcels can easily be left and are ready for you to collect at your convenience.

Email Alerts

Of course, you may not want to have to check your private letterbox every day to see if you have any mail or parcels. Thankfully, new private letterboxes have taken away this needless check. Instead, you can set up email alerts that will notify you when you have received a letter or parcel. This means that you only need to check the letterbox when you know there is something ready and waiting for you.

The Bottom Line On Having Your Private Letterbox

You will indeed have a small expense to pay if you decide to get your letterbox for your mail, however, the investment is very well worthwhile. You will benefit from increased security for you and your family, a more professional image if you run a business, as well as a convenient way to have parcels delivered and be notified when you have something to collect.

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