The perfect setup: key considerations when choosing industrial shelving

Factory and warehousing companies across Australia understand the benefits of industrial shelving. Easy-to-install and highly modular, intricate and incredibly versatile, long span, mini span, pallet racking and more have become some of the most sought-after methods for ensuring efficiency and safety!

But as a business owner you are always thinking about how you can optimise your storage system, and choosing the best industrial shelving Melbourne has is essential to this need.

With this in mind, here are some imperative considerations for selecting the perfect storage solution for your factory or warehousing enterprise:

  1. Safety regulations

As someone working in the Australian products industry you will know just how stringent safety standards are in this country. And, after all, why shouldn’t they be? No one wants the guilt and burden of having an employee injured or worse at their enterprise, and for this it’s imperative to ensure your team is always safe in any aspect of the job they come across.

One of a factory or warehouse’s key danger zones is its storage solutions, and it is imperative to consider the solution’s safety aspects in regard to your company’s floor plan and then go on to ensure it aligns with Australian regulations.

  1. Assembly

How would you like to assemble the solution? Naturally, the best, safest and most efficient method is to enlist the professionals who know exactly how the system works and how to best install it with safety close at heart. The service may cost extra, but the efficiency and safety of the assembly and results cannot be overlooked.

  1. Size & mobility

When purchasing the best industrial shelving Melbourne has, it is vital to think about the solution’s overall dimensions and weight. This is especially so if the solution is assembled in the one location and may require disassembly in the future.

  1. What accessories do you need?

If your requirements are based on storing items of different shapes and sizes, you may have to consider which storage solution is going to best fit your needs. What’s more, you have to consider if your needs will change as the years go on and your company continues to scale upward. Will you be taking on different items in the future that your potential storage solution cannot accommodate? Will you be looking to add more industrial shelving in the future and need to leave space for it?

You never know when your business will change its needs or experience a sudden increase in demand, so it’s essential to know what accessories you will need and what kind of solution will work for you now and in the future.

  1. Weight capacity

What can your potential storage solution hold? The last thing you want is to install a storage solution that doesn’t have the capacity to hold your imported goods, so be sure that you speak with your assembly team and agree on a solution that is sure to hold your products’ intended weight capacity. Otherwise, you might find yourself stuck with a dangerous system that cannot suffice your storage needs!

  1. What is your budget?

Finally, you must consider your budget. What kind of storage solution is going to provide your business with the best return on investment? Do you have the budget for the storage solution you wish to install? It is always important to receive a detailed quote from the provider just to be sure you have the money to invest in the solution before you make detailed arrangements for it.

By following these considerations you should be able to assemble the perfect storage solution for your business needs!

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