Trends in the igaming industry in 2021 and beyond

Whilst the online gambling industry has existed since the late 1980s/early 1990s as computers and laptops became normalised, its rise to the peak of its popularity had been slow till the 2010s. With the development of smart devices and multiple device usage, the internet evolved, and so did the online gaming sector. Initially, online gaming lacked user experience and was limited to desktop screens which lacked portable options. The year 2007 saw the release of the iPhone and the first real emergence of smartphones - this was the trigger for lots of industries to start exploring the mobile digital world, and online gaming was no exception. Thus, mobile gaming became a thing. Today, with mobiles evolving into advanced smartphones, the user experience of online mobile gaming has only been enhanced and grown. The forecast on the online games market predicts that the sector will reach the mark of 196 billion USD by 2022 end.

The trends of online gaming

  • Cross-platform gaming

Today, the gaming industry operates on different platforms. Therefore, it is unsurprising when gaming developers are supporting cross-platform gaming for 2021. Cross-platform gaming covers different platforms like mobile, laptops, and other devices. At one time, a gamer can log into different devices and play the game.

The game is saved to the gamer's account, so when he logs in again, the game resumes from where it was left earlier. This way, the gamer can access the game at any time on any device that supports the game. Many heavy-duty online games are now saved online to a particular account so that the gamer can access it on a device of his choice.

Cross-platform gaming is necessary because today, people use multiple devices. If you create a simple game that only operates on a computer, it won't be feasible. A game that adapts to laptops, phones, and tabs is a versatile game that realizes the goal of anytime gaming.

  • Inclusive games for everyone

In 2021, there are a lot of changes that are happening. Society is becoming gender-inclusive, more tolerant, and accepting. It makes sense that the online gaming industry also tries to make games that are inclusive to all and can be played by everyone.

Earlier, the lead characters of the games were portrayed in such a way that it was easy to offend someone who was not conforming to norms. Now that society is trying to bring marginalized groups back into its folds, the games are also following the trend.

Today, leading online game developers are investing in games that can be played by any gender, ethnicity, and race. Today's games are also challenging the social perceptions of a traditional society. Earlier games were divided according to men and women-centric. However, since the gamers can be of any gender, games have to be inclusive too.

  • Immersive online casino games

With uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, questions linger surrounding the long term stability of land-based casinos. This is coupled with the aforementioned tech development, so that in 2021 you can easily play casino games through online portals.

In an immersive gaming experience, the gamer feels like he is in the gaming arena and plays within the game. The visuals and controls transport you into the game's plot. These casino games also support live dealer sessions where you can interact with the dealer and other players.

The online gaming market expands at a rate of 11.9 percent every year, with this trend expected to continue till 2025 and beyond. The double-digit growth rate shows that the potential of the online gaming industry is immense. The game developers are only now starting to realize its true potential. By the year 2025, more advanced gaming options will be available. Out of this, a lot of people will turn to online gambling. Moreover, even today, nearly 4.2 billion people gamble at least once annually.

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