European business communications provider Dstny refinances existing debt to fuel further expansion

European business communications provider Dstny refinances existing debt to fuel further expansion

Leading private equity firm and shareholder Seven2 (formerly Apax Partners) confirms confidence

BRUSSELS, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dstny, a leading European business communications provider, announces that it has refinanced its existing debt while raising an equivalent amount for further expansion.

Paris-based private equity firm Seven2 (formerly Apax Partners), which stepped in at the end of 2019 is reaffirming its confidence in the company. The financing is provided by two leading private credit funds which gives strong financial resources to further expand the business.

The Dstny Group has built a strong technology framework and unique technical development capacity over the past few years, which transitioned the company from a "Telco" company to a broader technology developer and provider. Dstny's ambition in the coming years is to anchor this technology at the European level and further strengthen its pan-European presence.

Daan De Wever, co-founder and CEO of Dstny Group: "We are extremely proud as an ambitious and innovative company, that given the current market conditions and interest charges, we have once again gained the trust of our existing debt providers. That we were also able to raise additional financings on top of our existing debt refinancing, gives us a strong boost for new acquisitions. We are enormously looking forward to delivering on our continued international growth with the entire Seven2 team and further strengthening our leading position as a European provider of cloud-based business communications solutions."

About Dstny

Dstny is a top European provider of cloud-based business communications solutions. With over 3 million users, Dstny simplifies communication for companies, partners, and service providers by offering interactive tools as-a-service across all formats, including voice, video, and chat. Boasting a mobile-first design and seamless integration, Dstny's state-of-the-art technology and robust local partnerships enable the delivery of exceptional user experiences. Headquartered in Brussels, Dstny employs approximately 1000 people across 7 European countries and generates around €250 million in annual revenue.

For further information, please contact:Christian HedCMO, Dstnychristian.hed@dstny.com+46707187603

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